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August 19-23, 2019

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First Grade Phonics Fluency

Click on the link to see words that you can practice reading with your child.

Second Grade Phonics Fluency

Click on the link to see words that you can practice reading with your child.


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Our School Garden

We ALL have enjoyed our school garden this year! Please click on the link below to check out our NEW Garden Blog full of pictures and soon to be writing!
SES Family One Stop

The Student Handbook most important information for SES families.

Healthy Snack Suggested List

Healthy Snack & Beverage Ideas*

▪ Water

▪ 100% fruit juice with no added sugar

▪ Fat-free or low fat milk

▪ Fruit smoothies (made with frozen fruit with no added sugar and fat-free or low fat yogurt)

▪ 100% fruit juice slushes with no added sugar

▪ Fresh fruit – trays, salads or kabobs

▪ Fresh vegetables – trays, salads or kabobs

▪ Fat-free or low fat yogurt (alone or as dip for fruits or vegetables)

▪ Yogurt parfaits (fat-free or low fat yogurt, fruit and whole grain cereal or granola as topping)

▪ Canned fruit or fruit cups (in water, 100% fruit juice or light syrup)

▪ Frozen fruit or fruit cups (in water, 100% fruit juice or light syrup)

▪ Frosty fruits – freeze your own fruit (frozen grapes make a great summer treat!)

▪ Dried fruit with no added sugar

▪ ▪ Whole grain crackers

▪ Low-fat cheese (serve with fruit or whole grain crackers)

▪ Hummus (serve with vegetables or whole grain crackers)

▪ Small whole grain waffles or pancakes topped with fruit or nut or seed butter

▪ Whole grain pretzels (soft or crunchy)

▪ Low-fat or air-popped popcorn (no added butter or salt)

▪ Graham crackers

▪▪ Pizza (on whole grain crust with low fat cheese and lean protein or vegetable toppings)

▪ Roll-ups on whole grain tortillas (fill with a lean protein such as ham or turkey, low fat cheese, hummus, nut or seed butter and jelly or vegetables)

▪ Fat-free or low fat pudding

▪ Bean quesadillas or burritos made with whole grain tortillas with salsa

▪ Whole grain cereal bars

▪ Baked whole grain tortilla chips with salsa or bean dip

▪ Baked chips (small portions)

*Check ingredient statements and nutrition information to ensure items meet the USDA Smart Snacks in School nutrition standards. Ensure food allergies of any participants are known before serving any food item.

Box Tops for Education

We are having a Box Top collection contest during the 2018-2019 school year. We will collect Box Tops from each class.

Box Tops Tips:

Please trim all excess off of all labels prior to turning them in; it saves us time and shipping. Please use the attached collection sheet and either glue or tape the box top in the square. Each filled page of box tops will amount to $3.00 and will be counted toward your child’s class. Please check the expiration dates prior to sending in. Bonus Box Tops have to be kept separate from regular box tops. Please make sure your child’s name and teacher are printed on the collection sheet. If you need more collection sheets, contact the office or your child’s teacher.

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We have started a NEW school year with NEW points to gain for the upcoming school year!

We now have 123 supporters. Every little amount helps, so between Shoparoo, Box Tops, and any other initiative we take on, we can earn cash rewards for our school and avoid fundraising as much as possible.

Tell your friends and family to join in as a supporter and start scanning!

What Will Shoparoo Funds Help Purchase?

We need more technology for our students to support our efforts in preparing kids for a future we cannot even imagine! This means devices that help kids learn Computer Science skills, such as coding, along with basic computer skills.

Shoparoo funds can also support learning materials such as math manipulatives, books, and playground equipment.

This year we are excited to be partnering with a fun, free, and truly easy fundraiser called Shoparoo! Schools nationwide are already earning hundreds and even thousands every year through Shoparoo and it’s a great opportunity for us to really make a difference this year!

Get started today:

1. Download the free Shoparoo app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

2. Select our school from the list and start taking pictures of your receipts - shop anywhere, buy anything!

3. The first 20 supporters at our school will earn an extra $1 donation from Shoparoo for their first receipt!

4. Earn even more Roo Points, or cash donations, by inviting others to join using your personal referral code

5. You can even select a grade to support and have fun with grade competitions!

There’s no limit to how much money we can raise with Shoparoo - the more supporters, the more we will raise for our school. Schools with just 40 supporters are earning an average of $1,000 every year. That’s free, easy money that we could be fundraising too. Check out to learn more about this awesome app!

Thank you for your support!

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