Roanoke Sound

Come explore our estuary, open everyday 24/7!

The location of the Roanoke Sound, and its importance

The Roanoke Sound separates the Outer Banks from Roanoke island and is directly in the middle. Back in the 1500s early englishmen used the sound as a route to go to their new home of Roanoke Island. It is home to many species and has the Pirates cove marina

The species!

Species of fish include: Large-mouth bass, sunfish, striped bass, white and yellow perch, shad and catfish. Also seaweed and algae


Q:Whats the importance? A: We provide a feeder into the ocean as well as being a home to many species including plants and animals.

Q:What is there to do? A: From fishing to exploring, let yourself become one with the sound and you will find your way.