Princeton SIOP Cohort

Wednesday 25 March

Using Google Translate as an App..... and some others.

1. You'll need to be using Google Chrome.

2. Do you know about Extensions?

3. Go to the three lines to the right of the address bar.

4. Click on "Settings"

5. On the left, click on "Extensions" then click on "get more Extensions"

6. Add "Google Translate" to your Chrome search bar. Play around with the different translations and audio. You just need it.

7. Check out "Newsela" and add to your apps if you like it.

8. Check out "Powtoon" and add to your apps if you like it.

9. EdPuzzle

10. Zaption

What else has worked for you?


Formative Instructional Practices: FIP

53 ways to check for Understanding.

How many have you used? What has worked with ELLs? What has not? Why?

Big image

Looking at ODE's LAU Center's ELL Instructional Guide:

Big image


What is working for you?

What is not working for you? we can return to our regularly scheduled PD....