More Time During Passing Periods

If we are late...

If we are late too many times it has consequences. Now these punishments can be as small as a simple verbal warning or they can be something much bigger and much more annoying to deal with, like detention. The worst punishment though, in my opinion, is not being able to be exempt from finals. If you are late too many times you can't be exempt from finals, all because your classes were to far apart and you got caught in a huge swarm of people.


Now that we have heard all of these consequences for the students, let's see the down side it has on teachers. If a student is a minute late for class and misses role than, you feal the need to count them tardy. It's likely the reason they were this late is because the distance from class to class was too far and they got caught in a crowd of people. If this is the case, it will happen multiple times. You don't want to be the reason they can't be exempt, right? You don't have to be if the student just had more time.

If you don't give the time?