Pretty Little Liars Book 3: Perfect



Author: Sara Shepard

Publisher: HarperTeen

ISBN: 0060887389

Genre: Mystery and Realistic Fiction

Awards: New York Times Best Seller and New York times best seller list

Personal Book Review:

I think that the book was a great follow up to the 1st book of the Pretty Little Liars (PLL) series. It answered many questions in the previous book that were very important to know. For example, it told us about "The Jenna Thing" which was something vital and I was curious about in the previous book. Also all of the girls begin to really see "A" as a threat. Before they weren't really sure what to believe. They didn't know if it was a joke or something serious. Now they now that the whole sitauation is trouble.

The secrets that the girls are keeping are starting to become less minor and a lot more scandalous. "A" begins to point a finger on one of the girls about being Alison's killer. Also the girls see there is more to the disapearance then meets the eye. I thought the story was intriguing and I would reccomend it to anybody interested in a mystery.

Professional Book Review

Continuing right where Pretty Little Liars left off, Flawless is a scandalous but addictive to read. Teens continue to be materialistic, entitled, and unsupervised. Underage drinking is prevalent and prescription drugs are stolen from an adult for recreational purposes. Language is graphic. Binge eating and bulimia references occur more often in this book, and one character suffers from panic attacks. A main character loses her virginity, and references are made to teen sex. Kissing between two girls takes place, homosexual slurs are used, and a character struggles to figure out if she is gay. Family is incredibly dysfunctional and a toxic relationship between two ultra-competitive siblings deteriorates even further. Divorce, adultery, and parents re-marrying are all central to the story. A character plagiarizes an essay, which will have serious ramifications in the next book. Another commits suicide by overdosing on pills at the end of this story. All that being said, older teen girls who are looking for an escapist, outrageous, compelling series may really enjoy these books.

Professional Book Review

Perfect was the third book in the series! It was released to the public on August 21st, 2007. Here is the basic plot from (SPOILER)-

Aria Montgomery tries to keep her father Byron’s affair a secret from her mother and brother, while Hanna deals with her social downturn by resuming her bulimia. Emily Fields is in a secret romantic relationship with Maya. Spencer Hastings remembers pushing Ali back on a stone path after a heated argument, and fears that she is the one who killed her. After Aria ignores “A’s” threats, “A” reveals her father Byron’s affair to Ella, who kicks Aria out of the house. “A” also reveals Emily and Maya’s relationship publicly, and Emily’s parents force her into a program to “cure” her apparent homosexuality. Aria is also cheating on her boyfriend, Sean, with her AP English teacher, Ezra; “A” sends pictures of them kissing to Aria’s boyfriend, who calls the police. Hanna is humiliated at Mona’s 17th birthday party, and later receives a text from “A”. This time, the number is not a jumbled mess, and Hanna recognizes it: she knows who “A” is. She calls Spencer, Emily, and Aria to meet her at their special spot, the Rosewood school playground; before she can tell them what she knows, Hanna is hit by a SUV. The story ends with Spencer, Emily, and Aria receiving a text saying, “She knew too much -A”.

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