Summer Reading

by Clare McCaffrey

The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime by Mark Haddon

Recommendation: I would strongly suggest this book because its told from a unique perspective. Christopher Boone has a mental disorder and he is seen as an underdog of sorts. I like a story that shows the rise of success in an underdog type of character. I would also recommend this novel because it is a Broadway play. I enjoy reading books that can be backed up with a movie, TV series, or play.

about Haddon: He wrote many children's books and this work was one of this only adult novels. Haddon wrote one book series and it was geared to a very young adult crowd. He won the Whitbread Award and Guardian Prize due to this novel.


Several themes come to light in this novel, one of them being the struggle for independence. Despite everything, no matter how much he wants it, it is never possible for Christopher to be completely independent. He will always depend on others for his own wellness, in ways he doesn't even realize sometimes. Another theme is the subjectivity of life. Christopher's condition leads him to see the world in a different light, than everyone else, one that enables him to think mathematically and structurally and even might have lead him to solve the mystery of the murdered dog.

Character Anazlyse

Christopher John Francis Boone
The 15-year-old protagonist of the novel, who investigates the murder of Mrs. Shears' large black poodle. He is a static character. He overcomes his mental obstacles by traveling across England to find his mother. He is creative and very intelligent, just not very socially understanding.