Welcome Sixth Grade Students!

PA Leadership 2015-2016

Important Information for Students

Start Your Day at Our Front Door

  • Log in every day to our Front Door - moodle.palcs.org - first. You must do this for attendance!
  • You also might have some courses in Moodle - especially if you are taking electives.
  • Read the Front Page announcements there.
  • Then, click on My School.

Logging in To Canvas - STUDENTS

  • Courses that are in Canvas will open a new tab for you
  • Log in there using your Moodle username @stu.palcsmail.org and your Moodle password
Need a Canvas Refresher? Click Here!

You will see a box that asks for your name. Just enter it and click send!

New - Viewing Grades in Canvas!

Need to see grades in a different grading period? Don't worry! You can! This video was added on February 1, 2016.

Need Info for Parents? Click below!