AVID Update

Week #7

7th Grade UNT Campus Visit

Members of UNT's ELITE (Early Learning Initiative Toward Education) members Mason, Chris, Jero and Fernanda hosted 53 Lakeside Middle School students on Friday, Oct. 9th. The UNT Elite members gave an interactive presentation in an actual college classroom about their own story of getting to college as well as what it takes to be college bound students. We then toured the busy campus, where students were able to experience first hand the fast paced environment of college life as well as the fun of homecoming weekend. Last, but certainly not least students enjoyed an all you can eat buffet - college style.

Questions about Tutorials?

If your student is talking about filling out a TRF for homework on Monday & Wednesday evenings, below is a video and more information just for you!
AVID TRF How To Video

TRF Explained

1. Heading
Complete the Name, Period, Date in the upper right-hand corner in pen.
2. Subject & Essential Question
Complete the Subject Area where your question will come from. The Essential Question in the upper left-hand corner is not required at this time.
3. Initial/Original Question & Source
This may come from a homework question, cornell notes from class, a movie clip in class, lecture,
notes in your notebook, an old quiz or test where you got a question wrong and need to know why, etc.
4. Key Academic Vocabulary & Definition
Write down two vocabulary words related to your initial question. Then write down the
definition from the web, a dictionary, your notes, or a textbook, it may be re-phrased in your
own words, but it should not be a definition that you make up on your own.
5. What You Know About Your Question
This is anything that you DO know about your question for sure. It may be a good idea to pull on prior
knowledge when filling out this box and try to connect your initial question with a past
6. Critical Thinking about Initial Question
You should be showing your work and ideas for what you have tried so far. This is the area
where you may show a venn diagram, t-chart, step-by-step process. This is not a list of what
steps you will follow during tutorials. In this box you actually TRY to solve your question and show your work and ideas here!
7. Identify General Process and Steps
In this section you explain what steps you followed so far to try to solve your question. Your steps should be general enough to use again on a similar problem or
8. Question from Point of Confusion
- If you DID solve your initial/original question after thinking critically, then your question from point of confusion should be a higher level question that extends the same
concept. (basically more practice on the concept)
- If you DID NOT solve your question after thinking critically, then your question from point of confusion should be focused on exactly what part you got stuck on.


  • 8th Grade Baylor University Campus Visit - 10/19
  • 6th Grade UT Arlington Campus Visit - 11/9
  • All students should be taking cornell notes in at the least, their core courses
  • Every Monday & Wednesday AVID homework is completing a TRF for tutorials the next day. Click here for the TRF form if needed.

Upcoming School Events

10/13 - 7th Grade Football Home vs. Myers

10/14 - 8th Grade Football Home vs. Myers

10/15 - 6th Grade Fall Choir Concert
10/16 & 17 - Theater Performance