Our Weekly Learning

April 3 - April 7

*****Students should bring a stuffed animal to spend the day at school with them. We have earned enough compliments to celebrate. The celebration is to bring a stuffed animal to school on Monday. I am asking that your keeps their stuffed animal at school until Wednesday, April 5th.
***Please have your child wear their class shirt on Friday April 7th.
***If your child is absent please send a note or email so I can code the attendance correctly.
*****Remember we have a daily morning snack. Please send in an appropriate morning snack for your child to enjoy.

Our Learning

Spelling - Contractions

Science - Earth and Moon

Writing - Complete sentences - Poetry - Writing Fiction stories

Math - Vocabulary: balance, equations, equal, the same amount/quality as, true, false. Number bonds, problem solving equations

Reading - Reading genres - making connections - predicting


Monday - Reading Day 1 - Math Monday - Spelling study contractions

Tuesday - Reading Day 2 - Math Tuesday - Spelling Study contractions

Wednesday - Reading Day 3 - Math Wednesday - Spelling study 2 words that make contractions.

Thursday - Reading Day 4 - Math Thursday - Spelling study contractions.

Friday - Turn in Homework

Lunch 11:50-12:20

**Please keep an eye on your child's lunch/breakfast account. Once your child owes $8.00 in charges he/she will receive a substitute lunch.

***Students may purchase extra item(s) (cookies, chips, ice cream, water.)

****Join us when you can for lunch, we eat at 11:50.


Monday Day 5 - Art

Tuesday Day 1 - Music

Wednesday Day 2 - Makerspace

Thursday Day 3 - Chinese


Dates to Remember

April 3-7 Kindergarten Registration

Friday, April 7 - Movie Night 6:15-8:30

Music Presentation

To: Parents of first grade students in Wallace, Taylor-Smith, Lister, Woodcock, Key (“first grade team B”)

From: Tammy Ortiz, music teacher, W R Odell Primary

Date: Feb. 17, 2017

Dear Parents:

Your children have begun working on a musical presentation they would like to present both in-school (morning) and also for family and friends (evening) on April 12, 2017 (see details below). Our presentation will be titled “The Earth We Love” and will be based on songs about places on our earth and also how we need to take care of our earth, all ideas that will be celebrated on Earth Day, (4/22/17). Please mark your calendars!

Students will not need to buy any special clothing for the presentation. They will wear their classroom teacher colored t-shirts.

**FYI: Please note that if your child has a friend in a different first grade classroom than those listed above, that friend’s performance date is later. Due to the number of first grade students at our school, the program is being presented separately by each of the two first grade teams.

Program date: Wednesday, 4/12/2017

Details: In-school program – 4/12/17 at 8:20 a.m. (students report to school in their teacher specific colored t-shirts)

Program for parents and family – starts at 6:30 p.m., same date (4/12/17) – students report to the gym at 6:10 in their same t-shirts. Enter via bus lot doors.