The Popcicle

invented by Frank Eepperson

Inventing The Ice Lump (the popcicle)

frank epperson was eleven years old when he accidently invented the popcicle. he accidently made the popcicle by making a flavord juice made from water and powder and left it outside with the stur stick still in it and it made the ice lump (popcicle). Then when he made the ice lump/popcicle he served it to a big party and every one liked it so he wanted to make more. Then he aplied for a pantent in 1924. the first name he called it was ice on a stick then he called it the epcicle ice pop and then he called it a popcicle! This invention is useful because it cools you down when it is hot out, inspierd other inventons and the popcicle is delicious!
1950 commercials Borden's Elsie Popsicles, 1950s-
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poster made by Elaina and Emily