Million-Dollar Throw by Mike Lupica

By: Keshawn Camacho


Nate Brodie is a 13 year old 8th grader from a small town in Massachusetts called Valley. Nate loves the game of football and is also very good at it. He wins a chance to throw a football through a 30 inch hole from 30 yards away at halftime of the thanksgiving New England Patriot game. But there is a catch... if he is to make this throw he will earn 1 million dollars. There are two major conflicts in this book, one is that his best friend Abby has a rare disease that is making her blind slowly, day by day. The other major conflict is that Nate's parents are becoming broke fast, and are getting ready to lose the house. The million dollars could go a HUGE way to help their financial crises.


What did I enjoy about the book?

Answer: I enjoyed the way that Mike Lupica built up suspense to the million dollar throw slowly and in good detail. I also liked that it was about football.

What made the book well written?

Answer: In my opinion the book was written very well because of the way he built the story up then caught you off guard at the end of the book.

Which characters play important roles that relate to the overall theme?

Answer: Nates friend Abby played a very big role to relate to the overall theme because of the way she helped him mentally just as much as he helped her physically.

Would I recommend the book?

Answer: I would recommend the book to anybody that likes sports mainly but it could also appeal to someone that likes a sad story because of the disease that Abby has and how much help she needs but wants to be strong for herself and mainly for Nate.