UNL Softball

Statistical and history of Husker softball

1977 UNL softball is born

In 1977, UNL made a softball team. We had 153 hits, 4 home runs, and a batting average of .212. But, we also had 99 errors with 22 of them made by Julie Geis. With 180 innings pitched, Jan Bartels pitched 135 of those. She had 1 strike out and 9 walks.

UNL softball all time individual statistics

Here are some all time individual statistics. In 2015, my favorite ,Kiki Stokes made a record with 66 runs scored in a season. Ali Viola has the most home runs with 22, the most hits with 87, and has the most bases with 150. In pitching, James Peaches has the most strike outs with 394, and Jenny Voss has the most wins with 40.