Dorian Miller

English 9 4X4 Final exam

Journal reflection.

Free write 40, write a list of 5 dreams and put them in order from most important to least important. Dreams are the most important topic that anyone can talk about through these inspirations that allow humans to work up onto a goal. I enjoy this topic because that I was able to express fake dreams that I created out of a will cause I do not like expressing my dreams cause if I do I have a feeling that they might not come true. It is also with the foundation of dream weaving that this journal reflection allow for them to reflect their soul to other beings within their dreams. In this activity I was also able to share a side of me I usually don’t share cause most of the dreams I have when I tell people they think I’m weird but it was this journal I was able to write my dreams without being persecuted by my peers

Dream Speech revision.

Friends of the mind, humanity itself, listen to me as I speak these words. There are a multitude of problems in this hollow world of ours, there are wars, plagues, hunger, racism, corruption, hate and so many more of even I can’t list. Democracy is the seed to this chaos, though good idea in nature, but its overall concept is radical when spreading its message to other countries. Let’s say democracy is the utopian project in order for this to happen more and more violence is needed to further this project. The fertilizer to this blooming flower of chaos and disorder Is hate and this not some simple hate, this is full on pure hatred, a hatred for each other and stats and a hatred for oneself. The core of this flower, inside is violent with swirling pink petals, is something so simple that most humans don’t now, not even you and it is your flesh. Take a look at yourself and the person next to you, there skin could be different color but in the end it all goes down to our flesh for humanity flesh is connected to our mind. The overall flower that is chaos is connected to human ideals and mindset for our skin is a sponge that soaks in corruption and it gets processed and not expel out as it travels to our mind and now on to the topic at hand. I had a vision of bright cites extending across the globe with people with metal exteriors than old fleshy ones that are weaker than strong metals. I had a vision of an untied republic under one overall mind cluster leading the helm of the old humanity and its newer people under its vision. We me not worship or study the human fragile genome and we must not and cannot remain in these isolated human shells forever. Gentleman and ladies, All I ask of you as fellow brother and sister in arms to tell me what you want, do you want corruption free utopia, I ask you do you want to leave our pitiful organic existence to not leave scraps of flesh for ravens of this earth. The most important characteristic of the human body that we must learn to replace is the source of darkness and chaos and even anarchy, we must remove the heart. There is a quote that speaks on darkness and the heart and it is "All worlds begin in darkness, and all so end. The heart is no different. Darkness sprouts within it. It grows, consumes it. Such is its nature. In the end, every heart must return to the darkness whence it came." In the end though I believe for humanity to truly evolve beyond its mortal strains is to take upon a newer metal body that can last through the strains of time.

Student choice essay.

A hero has many definitions, they can be someone with magically powers or increase abilities, But true heroes are the everyday man or women with the heart to do what is need to be done. What defines a hero is not what they do or what they done, the mark of the hero relies on ones heart for in truth that is all that really matters. Every day we are given the chance to be a hero but we choose not to because we are afraid we are to be relied on but this is not the case, If a hero cares about fame and glory more than the life’s of everyday people then they are not a hero they are a villain in my eyes. In the odyssey, Odysseus did all of these amazing things even earning favor from the gods but he did not do it for the fame itself he did it all so he can return home to his family and to his kingdom. In conclusion the mark of the hero is defined by one's heart and soul and that is all that really matters when it comes to a hero.

Semester reflection.

Dear Dorian

Well here we are, the final moments of this class, and to think that i doubt you for the smallest second. I am proud of you for appling your self in this class because i know you dont want to repeat this class in summer school. The odyssey assignment was one of the best we have done because i believe that learning about the ancient greeks again gave us some pretty good ideas for our own Personal Characters. The subject i did not like doing was the gathering of old men because i personally thought the story was not that intresting but i did like the timeline. The best project i like was the webquest on the odyssey because i was able to learn some intresting things on it and it probally help us out in the long wrong. Well here we are at the finale of the letter and i give you my blessings and luck in the future to better ourselfs in mind, body and soul.

Sincerely, Dorian.