Nuclear Medicine Technologists

By: Melissa Benitez

What do Nuclear Medicine Technologists do?

Nuclear Medicine Technologists use complex computer scanners to create a specific body part image of a patient. First they must give the patient a Radioactive drug/medicine before they start the scanning. This drug is very important, because it causes any abnormal part in the body stand out from the normal body parts. This drug makes it way easier to notice any abnormal body part in the patient.

How can You become a Nuclear Medicine Technologists?

It is required to have an Associates degree to become a Nuclear Medicine Technologists, but having a Bachelor's Degree is also common in this career. The Associates degree you graduate with must be related to a health field (ex: Radiologic Technology, Nursing) , and you must complete a year round (12-month) Certificate Program in Nuclear Medicine Technology.

3 Colleges : Argosy University(Located in Dallas), St. Edward's University

The projected Job Outlook :20% more Nuclear Medicine Technologists between 2012-2020