In-Flight News

March 2015

Happy Fall! (or Spring if your head is still stuck in the Northern Hemisphere)

In the news...
  • Tracking wifi issues
  • Updates from the Tech blog
  • Google Drive tips and tricks
  • E-Folios
  • New Books for Professional Development in the library

Miss, I don't have wifi!

How to report wifi issues

Help us tackle intermittent wifi problems by reporting the details. If you have frequent problems, leave the Tech Support form open on your computer for easy access. You will need to log in.

Go to FDR Home > Quick Links > Tech Support

Please report the number of students who got dropped and your Room number. You don't need to note your name or the date/time; the form will provide your name and a time-stamp.

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New Posts on the Tech Blog

Google Drive Tips

More Google Drive Tips, from PC Magazine

The 31 Tips you can't afford to miss!

E-Folios update

Where is YOUR class with E-Folio use?

We are happy to come into your classroom to support you in getting material posted to students' e-folios. Kelly recently used Autocrat to populate student portfolio reflections with great results. She'd love to share her process.

Here's a slideshow about e-folios and reflection, how it ties into our mission, and effective ways to create a portfolio. This is geared toward 9/10th grades but will work for other ages, too.

Here's a slideshow that would make a good mini-lesson on effective use of e-folios. It's geared toward 11/12th graders but will work for other ages, too.

PD Titles Spotted at "Titles and Treats"

PS: Did you know...

Wow, I just found out that the "lunch-lady" area of the library has a whole WALL of professional books for teachers.

Have a browse...there are some classic titles for brushing up on pedagogy as well as research on the latest thinking about literacy, brain research, and more.

Your In-Flight Team

Sean Sweeney, Director of Educational Technology

Kelly Paredes, Design Teacher & Instructional Coach

Sarah Ducharme, Research Skills & Technology Integration Teacher