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Lectionary-Based Playlist /Issue 35/November 29, 2020

O LORD, you are our father; we are the clay and you the potter: we are all the work of your hands.

Today is the first Sunday of Advent!

This is a very exciting season in our church as well as our homes! As we prepare for Christmas celebrations, we are also preparing our hearts for Christ to come again...are we ready? How will you let God shape your family this season? Throughout this issue, you will find many opportunities to observe Advent in your home and to share the message of the season with your children and grandchildren!



Family Stories:

  • A Catholic Family Advent: Prayers and Activities by Susan Hines-Brigger
  • One Wintry Night by Ruth Bell Graham
  • Who is Coming to Our House? by Joseph Slate
  • Mortimer's Christmas Manger by Karma Wilson
  • Advent and Christmas: One Day at a Time for Catholic Teens @2020 by Katie Prejean McGrady and Tommy McGrady

Parent Article: This is a great family friendly lesson and script that you can use to help break open this week's "God as Potter" theme with your child:

Celebrating the Advent season:

For Teens: click on the brief article below


  • Write out 25 ideas of "Advent Adventures" using this creative post from World Vision:
  • Use the calendar below to decide on your special plan for Advent. You can choose prayers, special service ideas or activities to add to your calendar. Fill in any special holy days or Saints feast days as well!
  • Work together on the Advent decoder puzzle to see what you know or can find out about the Advent scriptures. Click on the decoder button below to download
  • A German tradition invites children to write a letter to the Christ child on the first Sunday of Advent. Write a letter to the Christ child about your hopes and prayers . Leave the letter on your windowsill for the angels to gather up while you sleep!


Here is an Advent Playlist for you to enjoy on SPOTIFY or listen to Advent Ideas for Busy Moms on the Podcast episode (labeled media fireside) below!


Choose one of these videos to watch and have a conversation about what you see and hear!
Advent in 2 Minutes (NEW!)
All About...Advent!
Intro to Advent



  • You can make a special wreath for Advent this year using cutouts of everyone's hands in the family like the picture to the right. Use battery operated tea lights or small yellow balloons to add the candle flame each week!
  • Create a special Advent calendar that your family can use all month to countdown to Christmas; there are other options besides the traditional chocolate: consider gathering 25 stories to read, 25 acts of kindness you can complete, 25 special memories your family can reflect on, or follow this link to add a food item to a box to be given to a local food cupboard or charity this month:
  • Make a Jesse Tree to guide your family through the Advent season with scripture:


  • What does it mean to prepare your heart for God?
  • Do I get excited for Christmas and forget about the weeks of Advent?
  • If God is a potter, am I done being made or am I still a work in progress?
  • What do I think God looks like? Do I see God as a potter? Or do I see God as something else?
  • Mary said yes to God, am I being asked to say yes to God about something?


Liturgical Year: The annual cycle of the mysteries of Christ, the Blessed Virgin, angels, and saints, which the Church commemorates in the Mass, the Divine Office, and other forms of public worship. The liturgical year begins with the first Sunday of Advent and closes with the thirty-fourth week "through the year." So, this weekend begins our Liturgical or church year!

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