March 2023 - The More You Know



March 1-7th: School Vacation

March 10th: Last day to register for the April 15th ACT's

March 11th: SAT Test Date

March 12th: Daylight Savings Time

March 16th: College Pathways event @ St. Michael's College (for those who registered)

March 23rd: STEP-UP Day for students who have applied for next year and have been invited (all seniors or those not returning to CTE are off from school)

March 24th: Inservice Day! No School

March 31st: Quarter 3 Ends

Vermont Trades Scholarship Forgivable Loan

Pursue a career in skilled trades — tuition free

An interest-free, forgivable loan which pays up to 100% of tuition


The State of Vermont offers several forgivable loan programs to encourage students to enter the Vermont workforce in specific high-demand fields including building, mechanical, industrial or medical trade; emergency services, including paramedics; energy, including clean energy, energy efficiency, or weatherization; transportation, including clean transportation; broadband; robotics or other high demand sectors.. These unique loans:

  • Are interest free.
  • Require awarded students to sign a promissory note committing to specific work obligations when they accept the funding.
  • Do not require payment while the student is enrolled in the applicable degree or training program.
  • Are “forgiven” — which means that the loan does not have to be paid back — when the student meets the work obligations outlined in the promissory note they signed.
  • Must be repaid if the student doesn't complete the program, doesn't receive their license, or doesn't work in the field in Vermont following licensure.

Want to attend CTE next year or know a student who does?

Our application for next year has gone live! Students who are interested need to apply by Friday, March 10th.

As part of the application process, students (even if they are a current CTE student) must visit the program(s) they are most interested in applying to for next year. There are visit opportunities for students at each of our partner schools as well as current students. If you, or another someone you know would like to visit please feel free to email to set something up!

Having a hard time understanding your financial aid award letter?

*Here is some information and a video that may be helpful

*If you want to use a spreadsheet to compare click here!

*Go speak with a VSAC representative at their offices in Winooski or go see Emmy, Heidi, or Lindsay!


I know this can be a confusing and overwhelming process but you're almost there! There is help!

Free Happiness Courses for High School Students!

Dr. Laurie Santos, a Yale Professor and Scientists hosts free high school Happiness courses and hosts a podcast on wellbeing. It's free! Learn how to live your happiest life.

Meet CTE's Engineering and Computer Systems Technology Instructors!

How long have you worked at CTE?

Mr. Dirmaier: I have worked at CTE for 21 years. I also did my student teaching here and was a substitute for one-and-a-half years. I've been teaching Engineering & Architectural Design at technical centers for 27 years.

Mrs. Dowman: This is my second year.

What is your background?

Mr. Dirmaier: In high school, I was a technical student in the same program that I now teach. I then went to college and earned both an Associate's and Bachelor's degree in Industrial Technology. After college, I became an engineer, spending six years designing aviation instruments and then creating engineering CAD drawings at a heavy machinery manufacturer. I then decided to try teaching what I love: engineering

Mrs. Dowman: I taught high school art for five years, before moving into computer science. This is not as big of a jump as it sounds--I also have a certificate in Software Development and am finishing up my Master's degree in Cyber Security.

What are your hobbies?

Mr. Dirmaier: In my free time, I love to create. This usually means making and painting miniature models, some with great detail. I also keep my body active by training in Shotokan karate, a martial art that I have been practicing for 14 years.

Mrs. Dowman: Outside of computers, I love hiking, biking and playing video games.

What is your favorite aspect of working at CTE?

Mr. Dirmaier: The students. I love that students come to me to learn. CTE students CHOOSE to be here and that tells me that they are excited to learn about engineering or architecture. I find it very satisfying that I can inspire students to a lifelong career in what I love to do. Truly, they are the ones who inspire me each day.

Mrs. Dowman: I love all the opportunities that are offered to students, such as CWE's, dual enrollment and college classes.

Describe your program in 3-5 words!

Mr. Dirmaier: Engineering, Design your future here!

Mrs. Dowman: Hardware, software, networking, and cybersecurity.

For more info on Computer Systems Technology, check them out here!

For more info on Engineering & Architectural Design, check them out here!

CTE School Counseling Coordinators

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Admissions Questions? Contact -

Lindsay Ackley: - Auto, Building, HVAC, Natural Forestry & Mechanical, Pre-Tech 1 & 4

Emmy Charron: -Childhood Ed, CAWD, CST, DCM, Engineering, Pre-Tech 2

Heidi McLaughlin: - Cosmetology 1&2, Dental, Health Professions, Pre-Tech 3 & 5

Chris Chase: - Partner School & Community Relations Coordinator

The Center for Technology, Essex does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national

origin, sex, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, or age in its programs or activities. The following person has been designated to handle inquiries regarding the

nondiscrimination policies: Bob Travers, Director

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