The Magnetic Field

Southern,Northern Hemisphere and how the compass works.

How does the magnetic field work?

The magnetic field is used to protect our earth from the sun.How it works is that every time the sun blasts solar storms towards earth and the magnetic field deflects it.Do you know that the magnetic field looks like a spider?This is called earths magnetosphere.Earths magnetosphere is what shields earth.Earths magnetosphere are like pole going in the earths core and out.It changes shape when the solar storms hit.

It deflects the dangerous charged protons and electrons that can kill us.Some of the particles that aren't so dangerous ride on the poles into the earth.

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Magnetosphere protecting earth from the solar winds.

What happens in the southern hemisphere?

The protons get absorbed and they become this small explosions.We see them as shining lights called auroras.You can see them in the southern hemisphere at night if your at the right place.The same with the northern hemisphere.

Watch the video below so you can see how beautiful they can be.

HD Northern Lights timelapse, Eureka, Alaska March 2013

How does the magnetic field effects the compass?

Now we know what the magnetic field is.We can talk about how the compasses work.The compass is made especially for the southern and northern hemisphere.They are the opposites because of the magnetic pole.
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Magnetic pol