Dawes County 4-H Newsletter

December 2015

Financial Assistance for 4-H Members, Volunteers, & Clubs

  • Dawes County 4-H Foundation - Financial Assistance Form. Providing financial assistance for 4-H related activities and educational opportunities which occur outside of county lines. Available for both members and volunteers.
  • FSA Youth Loans - FS2301. Helping 4-H and FFA members purchase livestock, feed, and supplies for their projects.
  • White River Feed in Chadron 4-H Feed Program. No interest and no application. 4-H members may charge their feed and pay after they sell their 4-H market animal.
  • Farmer's Co-Op in Hemingford 4-H Feed Program - Application. Helping 4-H members finance their livestock feeding needs.
  • Kickstarter is a website where people post descriptions of their projects and anyone can chip in to help. Some pledge a few bucks, others preorder the product by contributing above a certain level. It’s quite simple. You have a project you want to fund. You set a minimum amount to be raised. If you hit that target within 30 days of posting, everyone who pledged money gets their credit cards charged. You get the money and move forward with the project. If you do not reach the funding goal, nobody pays and you find another way to fund your project. This process is called Crowdfunding which means: Supporters, prospective customers collectively contribute money needed to get a product to market. Check out National 4-H Council for more information on this.
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Special Edition Articles & Photos Needed by January 8

Each year the Dawes County 4-H Jr. Leaders, with the help of the Chadron Record, put together the 4-H Special Edition. It is a newspaper insert full of wonderful stories and photos submitted by YOU - Dawes County 4-H Members! It is an outstanding promotional tool and also a fundraiser for the Jr. Leaders. Each member is asked to submit via email a typed, short article of 200-400 words, along with a digital photo, telling what you like about 4-H, a special project that was completed, or something that happened during the year that made a difference. ALL SENIORS: We also need a short biography and photo of you! Please submit these to tlemmon2@unl.edu or cyeatts-sprague2@unl.edu by FRIDAY, JANUARY 8! The insert will come out the first week in February in honor of NEBRASKA 4-H MONTH!
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We Need YOU!

Get ready to start 2016 by giving back to the youth in our community. We need volunteers in a variety of areas:
1. Leaders - we need organizational (club) leaders and project leaders to share their time and talents with our 4-H members. Not interested in heading up a traditional club? Then try a SPIN Club (Special Interest) and volunteer for a shorter time frame to teach sewing, cooking, woodworking, electricity, etc. All supplies/curriculum will be provided. We are only limited by our imagination!
2. Committee Members -Each year, Dawes County 4-H has a variety of competitive events, activities, and camps designed to promote positive youth development. These educational opportunities are helping to teach the life skills necessary to build our next generation of leaders while inspiring youth to become the best they can be. This is not a job for one or two, but requires a family of dedicated volunteers. Please join the 4-H Family and be a part of this amazing transformation.


  • Expansion & Review Committee (Required by 4-H Council By-Laws) - Purpose is to assure equal access by all youth and adults to the 4-H programs conducted by Extension in accordance with the Civil Rights Act of 1974 Title VI. Committee will meet before the October council meeting.
  • Public Relations Committee (Required by 4-H Council By-Laws) - Year round committee with special focus for events such as National 4-H Week (October) and Nebraska 4-H Month (February).
  • County Contest Awards Committee - Meet in May to select items to be used for county contest awards and the fair.
  • Communications & Expressive Arts (Speech / Presentation Contests) Committee - Meet in February, April, and May to plan the Speech and Presentation Contests. Committee members will assist in conducting the events.
  • 4-H Program Awards Committee - Meet in August to plan year end award selection and then again in September to help with the selection process. This includes the selection of Achievement Awards from submitted 4-H Career Portfolios and assisting in finding qualified nominees for the special awards given annually at the 4-H Achievement Banquet. Promote the advantages of award applications and recruit volunteers to assist with the judging process.
  • Day Camps - Meet February through June to plan dates and activities for summer day camps. Assist with camps and recruit volunteers to help.
  • Horse Committee - Assist with planning and conducting 4-H Horse Camp (April - June), Horse Level Testing (Spring - Summer), Summer Horse Workshops (May - July), and the Dawes County Fair Horse Show. Commitment for this committee could extend from January to August.
  • Judge Selection Committee - Assist in choosing the judges for county contests including speech/presentation, clothing, and fair events.
  • Pre-Fair Clothing Judging & Fashion Show - Meet in May, June, and July to organize and conduct the 4-H Clothing Judging and Fashion Show.

New energy and ideas are a must to keep the program fresh and enjoyable so share your talents today!


  • 4-H Enrollment for Members & Volunteershttps://ne.4honline.com. The process is VERY EASY if you were enrolled last year. There is a "help document" available on our 4-H website: http://extension.unl.edu/statewide/dawes/4h
    Make Checks Payable to Dawes County 4-H Council:
    ($ 3.00 fee) October 1 - June 1;($13.00 fee) June 2 - September 30
  • 4-H Project Enrollment Deadline June 1
  • 4-H Animal Affidavits (ID Sheets) Deadline June 1: Includes Rabbit, Horse, Beef (Market, Breeding Heifer, Feeder Calf), Dairy, Sheep (Market, Breeding), Goat (Market, Breeding, Dairy), and Swine (Market).
  • Quality Assurance for ALL Market & Breeding Animal Projects Deadline June 1
  • Dog & Cat Vaccination Forms Deadline (if showing at fair) July 15
  • Dawes County Fair Entry Deadline July 15 (without fee)
  • Dawes County Fair LATE Entry Deadline - July 19 (with fee)


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Dawes County 4-H Breeding Ewe Scholarship

The Dawes County 4-H Breeding Ewe Scholarship Program was introduced in October 2015 by Roy Lambert to encourage greater participation in the 4-H Breeding Sheep program. This outstanding opportunity was due entirely to the generosity of the Lambert family who will donate a ewe lamb to a youth currently enrolled in Dawes County 4-H, who meets member age requirements before January 1. The recipient will receive their lamb at the Sheep / Goat Weigh-In and will be responsible for all care after this time. In addition, the youth must show the lamb at the Dawes County Fair in the breeding class before taking it home to start or improve their own herd. In order to help make this program self-sustaining, the recipient will be required to donate back the first ewe lamb born from the scholarship ewe. Application forms are available online at http://extension.unl.edu/statewide/dawes/4h/ or in the Extension Office. Submission deadline is the last Friday in March.

Market Livestock Survey Open Until December 15!

Let your voice be heard! The Market Livestock Weight Survey is open until December 15. All members, parents, sponsors, and volunteers are encouraged to complete the survey so an informed decision can be made by the Executive 4-H Council at their January meeting. NOW IS THE TIME TO SHARE YOUR OPINION!

BACKGROUND INFORMATION: A proposal was made to raise the minimum weights for market animals. The initial proposal was to raise the weights as follows: Sheep - 90 to 100 lbs.; Swine - 200 to 220 lbs.; and Beef - Steers 1000 to 1150 lbs./Heifers 900 to 1050 lbs.
However, at the meeting, it was suggested the weights be raised based on a percentage basis or to increase them incrementally over a three year period.
Using a 10% increase, weights would be:
Beef Heifers: - 100 lbs.
Beef Steers - 1100 lbs.
Swine - 220 lbs.
Sheep - 100 lbs.

Increasing them incrementally, weights would be:

Beef Heifers: 2016 - 900 lbs; 2017 - 1000 lbs; 2018 - 1050 lbs.

Beef Steers: 2016 - 1100 lbs; 2017 - 1125 lbs; 2018 - 1150 lbs.

Swine: 2016 - 200 lbs; 2017 - 210 lbs.; 2018 - 220 lbs.
Sheep: 2016 - 90 lbs; 2017 - 95 lbs.; 2018 - 100 lbs.

A survey has been created to gather more responses concerning this important issue. Please take a moment to voice your opinion at:

To date, we have had 23 responses, mainly from adults. Thank you for your input.
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Companion Animal Challenge and 4-H Horse Stampede

Companion Animal Challenge:

The second 4-H Companion Animal Challenge will be held on March 12, 2016, at the Animal Science Complex on UNL’s East Campus. It provides youth a chance to participate in a variety of contests that do not require animals, but allow youth to learn more about their dog or other companion animals. Entries are due February 19. Contests include:

· Demonstrations (a presentation where youth demonstrate how to complete a task or related to the care of their companion animal)

· Photography and art contests (open to all companion animal projects)

· Dog Skill-a-thon

· Dog quiz bowl

The youth who participated in the event last year said that it was fun and they learned a lot. Youth do not need to be experts to participate in the event.

More information available at: http://go.unl.edu/4hcac

4-H Horse Stampede:

Being held the same date, March 12, 2016, at the Animal Science Complex on UNL’s East Campus. Entries are due to county offices on February 12. Contests include:

· Demonstrations (individual and team)

· Public speaking

· Quiz bowl

· Photography and art contests

More information available at: http://animalscience.unl.edu/horse-4-h-and-youth#tab32

If you have questions, please contact Lisa Karr-Lilienthal (lkarr-lilienthal2@unl.edu) about the Companion Animal Challenge and Lena Luck (lena.luck@unl.edu) about the Stampede.

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Photography Enthusiasts

2016 4-H Photography Themes Announced

Source: Jill Walahoski

The 2016 State Fair 4-H Photography Nebraska Theme Exhibit Print class is described below and will include both Unit II and Unit III.

Nebraska Exhibit Print: Help us celebrate the national “4-H Grows Here” campaign. Capture photos of people and places that illustrate 4-H growing and thriving in Nebraska! Your photos should tell a story about how “4-H Grows Here” in your local community. Please print and include the 4-H Grows Here! logo in your photos. The logo can be accessed at


Photography Contest
Source: Hildegard Center for the Arts

An exciting statewide Photography Call sponsored by Hildegard Center for the Arts, in partnership with the Nebraska Tourism Commission and the Nebraska State Historical Society, is currently inviting communities from across Nebraska to serve as a bridge to link history, generations and cultures. The Photography Call is entitled, “Bridges: Sharing Our Past to Enrich the Future”, and runs through January 4, 2016.

From Adams to Antelope, Scottsbluff to Sheridan, Dundy to Douglas……each of Nebraska’s 93 counties is home to historic and hidden treasures from the past. This Call is inviting YOU and YOUR community to highlight historic places and often over-looked treasures found in your own county; historical sites either found on the National Register of Historic Places or places of community/personal significance to the photographer. To see full entry guidelines and to submit photos, go to www.hildegardcenter.org.

SELECTED photographs from the Call will be exhibited statewide to help celebrate Nebraska’s Sesquicentennial in 2017 and used to promote the state as part of our partnership with the Nebraska State Historical Society and the Nebraska Tourism Commission. All submitted photos will become part of a virtual exhibit.

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Take Time to Say "Thank You!"

Let's take a moment to recognize a few people who went out of their way in November to "Make the Best Better!"

Did you know:
  • Joanna Stuhmer has been working with Dawes County 4-H this fall as an intern while earning credit hours with Chadron State College. She has done an outstanding job organizing two separate activities at the Chadron Middle School After School Program - Textile Tech and Stitches for Starters. Thank you Joanna for doing an outstanding job and giving so much time and energy to our area youth.
  • Assisting Joanna with her sewing classes was Eric and Ryan Vahrenkamp, Camie DeNovellis, Karen Lewin, and Anita Boeselager. Thank you all for stepping up and showing your 4-H commitment to excellence.
  • Sioux County Extension Assistant, Marlena Griesse, has been spending time in Crawford at the After School Program working with the students on Robotics. She also assisted Joanna with Textile Tech and worked jointly with me on several companion animal classes. Thank you Marlena for expanding the educational opportunities for the Dawes County youth.
  • Wal-Mart donated fabric and Yvonne Moody loaned sewing supplies for the activities done at the Chadron After School Program. Thank you so much for supporting our activities and the community!

Stay Informed by Signing up for Dawes County 4-H Remind!

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Calendar of Upcoming Events

YEAR AROUND Small Engine Repair - 7 pm, Wahlstrom Ford OR Henkens Roberts Building, Fairgrounds. EVERY WEDNESDAY EVENING. Contact Roger Eaton.



December 5 - Parade of Lights, 5 pm, Chadron. 4-H WILL HAVE A FLOAT! Contact Shellie Johns with Bordeaux Trappers to volunteer to help. WE NEED STUFFED ANIMALS PLEASE!
December 8 - Encouraging the HEART of Leadership, 6 pm, Extension Conference Room
December 25 - Merry Christmas!
January 1 - HAPPY 2016!
January 3 - Livestock Judging / Market Animal Workshop, 2 to 5 pm, Vetter Building, Fairgrounds
January 3 - Dawes County 4-H Jr. Leaders meeting, 5 pm, Extension Conference Room
January 8 - 4-H SPECIAL EDITION DEADLINE! - Articles, photos, and ads all due!
January 8 - District Career Portfolios due into the Extension Office
January 11 - Dawes County 4-H Executive Council Meeting, Extension Conference Room
January 12 - Dawes County Ag. Society Meeting, 6 pm, 4-H Building, Fairgrounds
January 16 - Ag. Appreciation Banquet, Chadron (4-H members are asked to help)
January 24 - Livestock Judging / Market Animal Workshop, 2 to 5 pm, Crawford TBA
January 24 - Panhandle Best Shooting Sports Competition, Mitchell, NE
January 29 - Donated items for the First Baby of February due into the Extension Office
January 30 - Black Hills Stock Show 4-H Youth Day, Rapid City, SD
February 6 - Market Beef Weigh-In, 9 am to Noon, Crawford Livestock Market
March 6 - Livestock Judging / Market Animal Workshop, 2 to 5 pm, Vetter Building, Fairgrounds
March 12 - Companion Animal Challenge and Horse Stampede, East Campus, Lincoln

Market Beef Weigh In Dates in our Area:

Market Beef Weigh In Dates: Youth are encouraged to weigh animals in Dawes County, however, if an emergency arises, they may go to Sheridan or Box Butte Counties. If you do weigh at another county, you must pick up your tag from the Dawes County office to take with you.

Dawes County - February 6, 2016, 9 am to 12 pm, Crawford Livestock Market

Box Butte County - January 3, 2016, 2 to 4 pm, Hemingford; February 27, 9-11 am, Hemingford.

Sheridan County - January 31, 2 to 4 pm, Sheridan Livestock Market.

Be sure to check our Facebook page and website regularly for any changes or additions to our calendar. New activities are added as a volunteer steps forward or when a need is uncovered. Don't miss out on the fun!

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Dawes County 4-H Executive Council

President - Clint Phillips
Vice President - Suzanne Davidson
Treasurer - Kerri Wild
Secretary - Maribeth Moore-Cogdill

Members at large: Adult - Jera Boeselager, Karen Lewin, Jodi Sellman; Youth - Madison Cogdill, Jake Lemmon, Cody Madsen.

These people are YOUR voice! Please contact any of them if you have an idea for a new or existing event or activity, have concerns with the program, or just want to have input in the decision making process.

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