Magma! Volcanic Disaster

By-Megan Mendez

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Volcanic Eruption in Iceland - Rare Footage (HD 720p)

A volcano is caused by tectonic plate movement, earthquakes, and magma rising to the surface of the earth. There can be a couple types of eruptions:an explosion type eruption or a volcano with lava. A volcano would change the habitats in the area by completely destroying them. Animals would either migrate, adapt, or die. The biodiversity would have a large impact. There would be a large decrease in the biodiversity & sustainability in the ecosystem. If there were still animals left they would most likely die because their prey's population would either be extinct or endangered. The animals wouldn't be getting enough food which would cause them to die. This would then lead to a low biodiversity/sustainability; there'd also be a change in the food web of that ecosystem/environment. After a volcano there would be massive effects to the environment, sustainability, biodiversity, and food webs.

Positive Impacts After A Volcano

Negative Impacts After A Volcano