Happy holidays 2C

It has been a great term and you have been wonderful!

In Term One we ...

  • tried hard to be good listeners and learners
  • worked hard to make our reading and our simple sentence writing strong
  • have been adding and subtracting one and two digit numbers
  • have learnt about mini beasts and created information reports using technology
  • have played sport and made some lovely pieces of art

Holidays ideas!

Some things you might like to do during the holiday break.

  • Help Mum and Dad do some jobs around the house.
  • Write about what you do each day and bring it to school to show your friends.
  • Read a book or two or three or more!!!
  • Practise adding or subtracting - choose any numbers or use a computer program
  • Draw . . . doodle . . . write

Ask if you can use the internet.

I always find things that I think would be great for 2C. I will put them into your eBackpack. Always ask if you can go onto the Internet before you start.
  1. go to google and type det student portal into the search bar
  2. click on student portal It should be the first one that comes up in the search results.
  3. login using the username and password that you use at school
  4. click "agree" to use the Internet sensibly
  5. click on eBackpack or the website links