Own that look

stand up for individualism

Body types

Everyone is different and unique in their own way. Students and Faculty should not all have to wear the same thing because different people have different body types, which will make all uniforms fit differently.

What's the main focus?

Schools should focus on students and their studies not their wardrobe. As long as students are comfortable in their clothes and their learning then whats all the fuss about. Enforcing dress code rules will take time away from faculty and students, time that could be spent making lesson plans or getting assignments done.
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Fashion is used to express ones self

What you wear should be your choice

I personally know how good it feels to dress up and get all ready for the day. I love to feel confident in my look because when i dress good i feel good. But there are days were all i feel like wearing are sweats and yoga pants which is completely fine as well. Everyone just wants to feel comfortable in their own clothes and i think enacting the dress code would not allow students or faculty to do so.