Sunny Newspaper

By Rachel Hoffman

Spring Break 2015

From the 22nd through the 27 of March, 2015 the weather in Indian Shores which is just outside of Clearwater was always warm and sunny. Great weather for spring breakers.

The waves were great for wave riding or even boggie boarding. That week everyone and every family was bound to have fun. "From experiencing it was says the Columbe family." The waves plus the beach made it was a perfect vacation spot.

"The almost 2 days drive there was worth the ocean vacation" says Samantha Coulmbe . "Because me and my family could soak up the sun or hit the water to cool off" Coulmbe says.

Indian shores is the perfect place for any family's to go to spring break not just for the beach but for the tourist shops to visit. Johns Pass about 5 minutes away from Indian Shores which is place to hang out in the setting sun and eat some dinner at Bubba Gumps and grab ice cream for desert. Johns Pass is very popular sense it is right on a small beach and sometimes if you look out you can see dolphins. Every thing for a perfect vacation from dolphins to sand castles and ice cream in walking distance from certain condos right there at Indian shores and for towns right next door.

2015 Spring Break might just be the best Spring Break so far says Samantha's cousin and she hopes they can visit again next year.

Hula Hoop Challenge

In late summer turning fall in the East Gym, the teachers of Aquarius house made the 8th graders do a hula hoop challenge.

All the kids in their shorts and short sleeved shirts did what they were told and got in a giant circle. Then when the timer started the 4 colorful hula hops were going through the circle of all the students of Aquarius house. All the students were smiling along as this game/challenge was happening ping. While the kids where doing the challenge the teachers watched in amazement of how fast the kids were completing the fun filled game.

The game ended at the sound of the buzzing of a timer and reviled that the hula hops almost went around 4 times! After the challenge was done the kids with the assistance of the teachers put away the hula hops, and the kids went back upstairs to pack up there things and went home.

8th Grade Jazz Band Trip 2015

The Bay View 8th grade Jazz band went to Marquette Michigan for a jazz festival/competition Friday April 17. The 8th grade jazz team had three songs they performed in front of 2 great college band professors who were judging the band. Timothy Johnson or know as the Bay View's band director says "this is the best jazz band I have had in a while and they did great". Bay view preformed Que Pasa Klabsa and then Love and the last song was Wood Choppers Ball. The judges of the concert said "these are all great pieces and this band performed them perfectly". Then told them a few pointers but besides that the blew the judges minds.

Next after their nerve racking performance the band went to a class which the famous violin jazz playing Regina Carter who at the time was playing with three jazz playing men. All the other schools visiting the jazz competition came to watch her in awe.

We followed the Bay View band the rest of the evening when they went to Regina Carter's concert which lasted from 7:30-9:30. The concert was combined with slow jazz and upbeat jazz music and even the bands that won best band titles from the jazz festival got to play up on stage in front of 100's of people.

By the end of the concert the band was tired so they got back on their coach bus where there driver Steve had the neon lights and so the band laughed all the way back to their hotel and called it a night.