Good Morning Karen,

On behalf of the entire Solana Beach team, please accept our thanks for an absolutely amazing day! We learned so much about your school district, your team, and your project! I so appreciate you taking the time to organize the day and maximizing our time in Los Altos! I know that it is not easy to put together a day like that and I also know that it is not easy to take a whole day out of your schedule to escort us and to answer all of our questions!

You have given us much to think about!

I want to extend the invitation to you and your district to visit Solana Beach anytime, so that we may reciprocate. Although, we are new to the STEM journey, we are very proud of our work with Common Core-especially in Mathematics and with our strategic roll out of 1:1 Mobile Devices to support and enhance the curriculum. We have done a lot of work around the SAMR model and "Up-Leveling" assignments/units of study-we would be happy to share our successes and what we have learned along the way!

I do hope that our paths cross again! Los Altos is very lucky to have you guiding this very important work!


If you would please send me the names of the STEM teachers who we visited and who took time to chat with us, I would love to send them a note as well. Thank You!

Julie Norby

Director of Instructional Services

Solana Beach School District

858 794-7137