Book Conflict

BMS Summer Reading Assignmentt - Adriano Lopez

Story Conflict

I think the main conflict presented in this story is the greed and selfishness shown by some of the villagers when they find out about Trade Mart. The way of the Village before it was voted to be changed, was that they welcomed anyone who would want to join the Village. They also enjoyed taking care of the sick and wounded and people were very giving. The conflict comes when people becomes greedy and want to change things from the normal. Mentor, for example, was one of the main persons that wanted to closed down the Village so he and a few others can trade at Trade Mart. By doing trades at Trade Mart, the Forest is becoming more and more evil.

Another conflict can be when Matty went to get Kira and while traversing through the Forest encounter many events. Forest is becoming stronger by the trades so Matty has to become more agile while travelling though it. Good versus evil, Matty versus trading becomes the plot. In the end greed causes the loss of Matty's life when he scarifies it for the goods of others.

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