Dream Designers

December 2013 Team Recognition

{Shout Outs}

2013 was an OWL-mazing year and I can't wait to see what 2014 will bring. Let's continue to Find the Joy in the Journey!

A Year in Review

  • Our team increased by 1,091 team members!
  • Our team volume for the year totaled $2,796,343!
  • Several team members have reached goals set + earned promotions!
  • We continue to strive to be a Force for Good!

Team Growth

Through the end of December, our team has grown to 1,158 designers across 47 states. We added 56 team members in December!

BIG {WELCOME} to all of our newest team members!

Team Volume

Our Team Volume in the month of December totaled $450,752!

Top 10 Personal Volume for December:

#1 - Colleen & Meghan Kelley $5,121

#2 - Amanda Duran $4,695

#3 - Brooke Odgers $4,218

#4 - Shelley Sawyer $3,597

#5 - Shammie Robinson $3,360

#6 - Stephanie Sturgeon $3,336

#7 - Heather Harbert $3,273

#8 - Brandi Powell $3,037

#9 - Rebecca Beussink $2,974

#10 - Amy Allen $2,918

Top 5 Team Volume for

#1 - OWLove O2 (Erica Petro) $138,597
#2 - Owls Over America (Colleen/Meghan Kelley) $123,481
#3 - Forever Charmed (Nora O'Halloran) $91,035
#4 - GLAM WOW (Katie Aslan) $71,074
#5 - Glitzy Wings (Danielle Ullrich) $39,373

Top Mentors for December:
Added 4: Melissa Sundt

Added 2: April Drury, Samantha Fourez, Wendy Hempen, Colleen & Meghan Kelley,

Dana Zapoticzny


{December Rank Promotions}

HUGE congratulations goes to the following Team Members on their promotions!!

Senior Team Leader

  • Rebecca Beussink
  • Kristin Collins
  • Michelle Roberson

Team Leader

  • Jennifer Fritsche
  • Randi Kroll
  • Brooke Odgers
  • Heather Telenko

Leading Designer
  • Tina Anderson
  • Katie Badovick
  • Ashley Banker
  • Michelle Benevelli
  • Brandy Breckenridge
  • Jennifer Carlson
  • Vicki Cooper
  • Brandy Culvahouse
  • Michelle Davidson
  • Kathleen Dwyer
  • Melissa Green
  • Erin Hamell
  • Karie Hanselman
  • Khrys Jones
  • Emmy Ketterman
  • Bonnie Nauta
  • Ugonna Odimegwu
  • Elizabeth Peterson
  • Rebecca Radcliff
  • Adriene Robinett
  • Jennifer Schigner
  • Misty Stachel
  • Michelle Starkey
  • Allison Thomas
  • Cristina Vazquez
  • Deborah Zipay


It's Time!

The beginning of the year is a great time to sit down and review your goals from last year and create new goals for this year. Ensure you share these goals with your mentor or upline as well so they can help hold you accountable and/or assist you with attaining these goals.

Having a monthly action plan is a great way to keep you on track.

What is your vision for this month?
What are your monthly goals? For example...
  • # of Jewelry Bars
  • $ in PV
  • $ in Income
  • # of designers you will sponsor

What are specific, measurable results you will achieve in each week? For example...

  • Follow up with X amount of past customers
  • Add X amount of names to your prospect list
  • Coach X amount of hostesses
  • Meet with X amount of people to share the opportunity

What are things you will do to make you happy this month?

  • i.e. uninterrupted time witht the kids, date night, exercise, read, pamper yourself

{New Heart Locket + Chain}

Big image

{Dream Designers Team Incentive}

Our team is 3 states away from being Coast to Coast!
To help complete this map I am offering an incentive to the first team member + their mentor who signs that designer in one of our missing states:
  • Montana
  • Mississippi
  • Vermont

Both the new designer and their mentor will receive Origami Owl product valued at $50.

{CABO Incentive Trip}

Huge congratulations to those team members who earned the Cabo trip!

  • Shelley Sawyer
  • April Marzullo
  • Amy Allen
  • Cathy Miller
  • Amanda Duran
  • Colleen & Meghan Kelley
  • Samantha & Sandy Brantley

{Owlette Ambassador Circle}

The age of our Owlette Program has been lowered from age 14 to age 12.

The next Owlette Ambassador Circle LIVE webinar is on tap for next week – Wednesday, January 15, at 7 pm EST. Join Bella, Darleen and Yvette Dickson, VP of Culture and Community Relations, as they host the live webinar, which will focus on “2014: No Regrets.” It is open to all Owlettes/parents and those aged 12 and up who wish to become Owlettes (along with their parent).

To participate, simply email oac@origamiowl.com and you’ll receive a link to join in. All other Designers can listen to the webinar when it is posted the next day in the Back Office.

Stay tuned for more details about the OAC and what our new policy means to our mother/father-daughter/son teams.

{It’s Time to SOAR!}

The 2014 January Regional SOAR meetings are coming up quick.

Jump start 2014 with incredible training, messages from O2 Executives as well as top leaders in the field, lots of O2 recognition, success stories and, of course, dance parties! These regional events will be jam packed with everything to help your business SOAR; plus, you’ll receive more than $25 in free product!

Join us in one of the following 8 locations. Seating is limited, so reserve your seats now -- and SOAR in 2014!! *Please add yourself to the waitlist if the venue is full*


Columbus, OH

Dallas, TX

Rochester, NY

San Diego, CA

Baltimore, MD
Chicago, IL

Orlando, FL
San Jose, CA

**Tickets are non-refundable, however, they are transferable. This event is for Designers only.

FYI - Our Direct is Kristine Stevens.

{National Convention}

Mark your calendars for next year's National Convention ~ July 24-26, 2014 in Phoenix

Lots of FUN, Training, FREE goodies, New Product Preview & MORE!

Limited seating available so sign up today!

Click here for more information and to register!

Video from last year's convention: http://vimeo.com/75536616

{Team Facebook Page}

If you haven't already, come join us over on our Dream Designers Team Facebook page HERE.

This is a place to share tips, photos, successes, announcements, and training!

If you have any questions and/or issues, let's continue to bring those items up to your mentor and/or upline for resolution. (I'm your Director - jodiocken@gmail.com and our upline Direct to Corporate Director is Kristine Stevens - charmedowlsleader@gmail.com)