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Friday, November 14

Veterans Day

A big cheer to our 2 class participants on Monday's Veterans Day program.

Charlotte carrying the flag with members of her Brownie troop.

Belle reading her poem below.

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Today your child will be coming home with a paper about the specialty book exchange. Each child is to purchase a book to give their assignment classmate the day of our winter party on December 19th. The book should reflect that special person's specialty animal or habitat. This is to be a secret until the day of the exchange, so please don't have your child talk about who they have as their secret person. Please know that many 3rd grades in Zionsville do this for their winter party, so don't wait to shop!!! I highly suggest Amazon as well to find some of those rare animals that a student might have. Students will wrap the book and exchange the day of the party. Please ask if you have any questions.

Are you working on your specialty board????? These will be due the day of the fair - December 12th!



This week we work on telling the difference between literal and non-literal (figurative) language. The kids loved reading the riddles and idioms. Next week we talk about cause and effect again.


We focused on writing dialogue and where to place the commas and quotation marks.

Next week we will review the plural noun rules.


We have finished our persuasive turkey stories and will move on to a persuasive holiday writing.


We will begin chapter 5 on Monday. Chapter 5 s all about BIG numbers. We will cover place value up to the millions, ordering large numbers and decimals.

Is your child practicing multiplication each night? Don't forget our quizzes occur every Tuesday/Thursday.

Social Studies

  • I am still in need of the following items to be donated to the class for Tuesday, November 25th.
    • Small container of heavy whipping cream
    • 24 cornbread muffins

    Please email me if you are able to volunteer either of these two items

    Dates to Remember


    Monday the 17th- Mrs. McDaniel out for district meeting

    Tuesday the 25th- Book Orders due

    Tuesday the 25th - Thanksgiving activities

    Wednesday the 26th - 28th - No school


    Thursday the 4th- Zionsville History

    Friday the 12th- Specialty Fair!!!

    Friday the 19th- Winter Party

    Monday the 22nd- January 5th -Winter Break