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"Believe in the possibility that we can strive to be antiracist from this day forward."

From author Ibram X. Kendi in the book: How To Be An Antiracist

May 16th

Dear MSAA Leaders,

The Home Stretch is here! Between MCAS and end of the year activities it certainly is an extremely busy time for administrators! It must be gratifying to be planning again for in person events. Proms, in person graduations, and even field trips! Savor the end of the year with your students who are moving on to another level or college, as these are memories in the making for them!

Summer Institute

Summer is almost here and before we know it the highly attended and exceptional Summer Institute takes place Wednesday, July 27th - Friday, July 29th at the 1620 Hotel in Plymouth, MA. (Pre-conference: Tuesday July 26th) Register.

MSAA Leadership Licensure Program (LLP)

There is still time to identify that teacher or counselor in your building who you believe would be a successful administrator. LLP is a great experience and opportunity for aspiring leaders.

The MSAA Leadership Licensure Program (LLP) is a one year DESE approved program that fulfills all the requirements for an educator to obtain the Principal/Assistant Principal certification. It has been in existence for 15 years. Our graduates, ranging in numbers of 20-40 per year, tell us it has a powerful impact on their ability to be effective leaders in the various schools throughout the Commonwealth.

The instructors of LLP courses are retired or practicing superintendents and principals. All are or have been long time successful leaders in their districts. The course of studies is delivered in the summer and on weekends (1 per month) beginning in June and ending in May the following year. Instructors come from our partnerTeachers21.

Our state also requires the successful completion of the Massachusetts Performance of Leaders (MAPAL) prior to granting the initial certification for the principalship. LLP has imbedded the requirements of MAPAL in the content of the courses as much as possible. In addition, LLP provides training in the completion of MAPAL and one-to-one advisory about this process. Our graduates far exceed the passing rate of the state average on MAPAL.

LLP is provided by MSAA as an alternative to a formal graduate program. We provided PDPS.

We also partner with Fitchburg University to offer both a Master’s Degree and a CAGS.

We are proud of LLP because our graduates inform us how inspirational the experience was to them, and how LLP impacted their effective leadership in actual practice. We depend primarily on current leaders encouraging the teacher-leaders to learn more about the LLP and apply for admission. LLP has a web section on its home page. Please reach out to perspective candidates who are interested in administration!

For more information, please visit our LLP website at

DESE Emergency License Update

As many of you may be aware, some educators received an Emergency License during the past few years. The MA DESE has been working on information and policy guidelines relate to the expiration and extension of these licenses.

For those that already have an emergency license DESE has added two videos to their YouTube channel where over 40 licensure related videos reside. They have developed a video that is specific to obtaining an extension to June 30, 2023 for those with a special education teacher emergency license or an ESL emergency license. In addition, they have a video for anyone that has an emergency license and the general process/requirements to obtain a Provisional or Initial license. Links to these videos are below.

As you work with teachers trying to get an extension or trying to get a Provisional or Initial license, this information may be helpful. The DESE is working to have these videos sent directly via ELAR to each individual in either (or both) of these situations. They will first distribute the video on obtaining an extension since that is a higher priority as many holders of that license have a looming June 30, 2022 expiration date where all other emergency licenses have been extended to June 30, 2023. It is their intent to have the emergency extension video out through email last Friday (5/13).

Emergency Extension Special Education and ESL MELS - YouTube

Moving from an Emergency License to Provisional or Initial MELS - YouTube

Massachusetts Statewide Family Engagement Center

The Massachusetts Statewide Family Engagement Center (MASFEC) is conducting a needs assessment to learn more about the relationship that schools and families have with one another. They have developed a survey for educators and one for families. The survey takes about 10 minutes and the family survey is available in seven languages. We ask principals to share the surveys with educators and families.

DESE/MSAA last convening

Gender Identity and Expression in Early Childhood and the Elementary Years:

At 3:00-5:00 p.m. on Tuesday, May 31, DESE’s Early Learning Team and the Safe Schools Program for LGBTQ Students, in collaboration with the Massachusetts School Administrators’ Association, will host its final professional development session of the 2021-22 school year for district and school administrators. The workshop, called “Gender Identity and Gender Expression in Early Childhood and Elementary Years: Promoting Resilience and Healthy Outcomes through Student and Family Voice,” will focus on supporting gender identity and expression in early childhood and elementary grades. The session will highlight laws, policies, best practices, and resources for supporting LGBTQ students and families, with a focus on transgender and gender expansive students. To participate, please register online.

Massachusetts Partnership for Youth

Registration is still open for this workshop.

Strengthen Growing Brains: Improve Executive Functioning Skills and Foster Academic and Social Success

Horace Mann Student Loan Solutions

Asian American Pacific Islander Month Resources

I have included 7 websites with resources for teaching about Asian American/Pacific Islander Month. They have valuable resources, curriculum, and lessons that you can use this month or incorporate into your curriculum all year.

Current Articles/Videos/Podcasts/Resources

I have included 4 articles that I think are compelling reads. The first one in from Learning for Justice about the recent movements to ban books that are not white-centric. It is an article by Debbie Reese, Ph.D., who is an activist, scholar and former elementary school teacher. With Jean Mendoza, Ph.D., she adapted the award-winning book An Indigenous Peoples’ History of the United States for Young People from Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz’s original for adults.

The second article is from Education Week and is written by a teacher sharing his thoughts about returning to school as he is gay.

Finally, the 3rd article speaks to reviving collaboration in the classroom post pandemic.

Articles are below.

Closing Message from Bob Baldwin

Thank you for making a difference in the lives of ALL children. You are making a difference!

Warm Regards,


Beth Wittcoff

MSAA Assistant Executive Director

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Asian American Pacific Islander Educational Resources

Latest Articles, Videos, and Relevant Resources

MSAA Position Papers



Are over for the remainder of this school year. thanks to all who participated and/or presented!



MSAA Summer Institute Pre-Conference In-Person Workshops @Hotel 1620, Plymouth, July 26, 2022

Kids Do Better When They Can: Creating a supportive school environment to meet the social emotional and mental health needs of our PreK-8 students, Bobbie French, Holliston Public Schools, Safe and Supportive Learning Environments

Getting to Work: Why Diversity Equity and Inclusion Work Matters and How it Helps All Students, Henry Turner, Newton Public Schools, Safe and Supportive Learning Environments

Work Your Core with Google Workspace, Lytania Mackey Knowles and Kerri O’Donnell, Science and Technology/Engineering

Leading Out of the Pandemic: Seven Strategies to Lead Learning and Rebuild School Culture in 2022-2023, John Clements and Mary Anne Moran, Nipmuc Regional High School, Leadership and Administration

School Law Update, Colleen Shea, Stoneman, Chandler & Miller, LLP, Leadership and Administration

Asynchronous Online

Flyer and Registration), Presenter, PD Content Area, MSAA Contact

Learning Portal open January 24 through June, 2022, Co-Teaching: Fostering a Culture that Includes all Students in an Inclusionary Setting, Dr. Judy Ann DeLucia, Seaside Educational Consultants, Curriculum and Instruction

Learning Portal open January 24 through June, 2022, Managing Student Behaviors in All Settings: Home, School, Remote, Dr. Curtis Bates, Seaside Educational Consultants, Curriculum and Instruction

Learning Portal open January 24 through June, 2022, Restorative Justice, Dr. Curtis Bates, Seaside Educational Consultants, Leadership and Administration

Learning Portal open January 24 through June, 2022, How to Deliver Effective Feedback and Have a Difficult Conversation, Dr. Judy Ann DeLucia, Seaside Educational Consultants, Leadership and Administration

Learning Portal open January 24 through June, 2022, Perceived Anxiety: Regulating Internal Stimulation, Patric Barbieri, Seaside Educational Consultants, Safe and Supportive Learning Environments

Learning Portal open January 24 through June, 2022, Sustaining Educator Wellness, Christopher Dodge, Seaside Educational Consultants, Safe and Supportive Learning Environments

Learning Portal open January 24 through June, 2022, Succeeding with Students with Special Needs (Special Education Licensure Renwal), William Simmons, Ribas Associates and Publications, Special Education

Learning Portal open January 24 through June, 2022, Succeeding with English Language Learners, (ELL for Licensure Renewal), Dr. Cindy Crimmin, Ribas Associates and Publications, English Language Arts,

Learning Portal open January 24 through June, 2022, Social-Emotional Learning in the Classroom: The Gateway to Learning Recovery, Dr. Deborah Brady, Ribas Associates and Publications, Safe and Supportive Learning Environments,

Learning Portal open January 24 through June, 2022, Differentiated Instruction to Promote Maximum Learning Acceleration, Carol Gregory, Ribas Associates and Publications, Safe and Supportive Learning Environments



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Franklin Covey Leader in Me Program and Unconscious Bias Program

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