S2S Smore

Term 1

George and Charlie

We should not play soccer in the cricket nets:

Too many people are getting hurt because they are getting pushed up against the cricket nets and falling on the concrete pitch. We are sorry to the sport monitors for having to get balls down off the top of the cricket nets. There are plenty of other places to play like the west playground or the little grass area near the canteen, or the footy field could be split in half and footy and soccer could have half each!

Matilda and Rutalina.

We need a bigger fence:

Robbers can't get in and take our things if we have a bigger fence around our school.They won't be able to break in and leave chemicals or sharp needles around our playground. If we don't have a fence this could happen and it won't be safe for children to play around.

When we are playing with balls theyThen can't get over the fence. If we get big fences the big balls and little balls can't bounce over and neither can the hand balls.

If we have a big fence the whole school will feel safe and we won't have any drama.


We need more metal tables

We really need more metal tables because we are always eating over our legs and getting food all over us. We could also use them to do school work on when it is appropriate.To get the money we could have a hot dog stand and sell the Hot Dogs for $2 each. So can we please get some more metal tables

Emily and Madeline


We need more bins in the playground because people are littering and making the ground untidy. Maybe four bins in one area will do. People like to go to the canteen at lunch and can't be bothered to walk up to the bins. I don't know why people just leave their rubbish behind, all they need to do is WALK TO THE BINS AND WALK BACK. We could put a couple of bins near the canteen for those people who buy food at lunch.


Tom and Logan

We need AFL posts at LPS

We think AFL posts will be a great idea to have at LPS because it would be enormous fun.

They could be placed in the west play ground and usedfor all ages K-6.

If we don`t have the money to put AFL posts up in West Playground, we could have a bake sale.

We could put a net behind it so balls dib't go into the chook yards.

We won`t have to pay for footys because we will bring our own and that's why

we think we should have AFL posts at LPS.