Rated M Menace

By Norberto

The games are bad !

Have you ever wondered what your kid might be playing on his or hers game consol.Approximately 90% of kids play video games in the USA.90% of the top selling video games include violence and other bad things and even little kids play those games and the games have an M for mature the games sell 24/7 in the USA.The games show people many things and somtimes other things can happen.Like schools have blamed video games for school shootings and it can also turn into bullying,cyber bullying ,and violence towards women.

Wastes time and changes little kids

Do you know what could happen in time when little kids play rated M games for a long time? There a lot of effects of playing video games with lots of violence and language.The more time kids play the games the more their brain is changing.Playing rated M games increases violence and maturity . Games such as GTA 5 can create hostile violence in real life.
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The change

Kids change when they play video games that are rated M and it affects the way their brain works.like stealing in stores or even owning a gun can affect a kids life for playing rated M games and parents want the best for their children .Plus a bad thing that a child could do in real life because of bad video games could leave them with a scar for life . And if a kid go to jail for under age kids for stealing or something else could leave the kid with a bad record and that could affect the future of the kids . Like in high school if someone wants to be on a team sport and the record shows that the person has a bad past it could be posible to not be accepted on the team.And when the kid becomes an adult and wants to go to college and because of the record they might not be able to get a scholarship and would have to pay and if they don't have enough to pay they will not get accepted and that really would stink. And if they want a job they might not get the job because of their backround.

Parents concerned about childs behavier

Parents don't always know what their kids are doing or watching but they care what happens to their children.kids might get threatened online by older kids . Increases violence and maturity.A myth is that the games can cause ADHD.And it can also increase drug abuse that is what appellation University said .