The Little Prince

digital storytelling - an eTwinning & a global project

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Project Goals:

Students will make digital storytelling of a chapter of Antoine de Saint-Exupéry novel "The Little Prince" in their native language and present the activity and the final products to their project partners and to the world. In the end all partners will create together a song (music and lyrics of a song) for what they have studied from the little prince story. To collaborate truelly they will be penpals on a common glogster teacher's account as penpals. They will study to use some web2.0 tools and apps as Google docs, Facebook, TwitterGlogster, EDU, vocaroo, thingling, linoit, Utellastory, Biteslide, Smilebox and others.

1. Students will enjoy funny and creative learning and communicating
2. Students will learn how to learn from other students by using different kind of media.
3. Students will learn how to communicate and collaborate through different kind of social media - twitter, Facebook, wiki, Glogster, Skype
4. Students will learn how to use many different kind of web tools supporting good communication, collaboration and creativity
5. Students will know more about project partners' countries and culture, language, will study how to accept and respect diferrences.

6. Students are developing essential key skills and improving their English language skills,.

7. The using of project based strategies and new technologies such Glogster EDU make them successful in their work with different kind of media which is a great way for developing and improving students' 21st century skills.

Duration: November 2013 - June 2014

Subjects: Citizenship, Ethics, Foreign Languages, Music, Art, Technology

Languages: EN

Pupil's age: 8 - 18

Tools to be used:

Facebook group:



Skype, Twitter, e-mail, Forum, MP3, Other software: (Powerpoint, video, pictures and drawings), Project Diary, Twinspace, Video conferences, Virtual learning environment (communities, virtual classes, ...), Web publishing


The first thing you need to do for doing the project is to have a student penpals account in eduambassador teacher's class, so please connect with Rositsa Mineva by mail to get the account.
Join the wiki:
Partners are going to meet, connect and create glogs together in a virtual classroom organized on GlogsterEDU site. Bulgarian partners are giving a free Glogster edu student's account with premium features to each of their partners on Pen pals ambassador teacher's account. The global sharing will be on the wiki, mentionad above.
The second: choose the chapter of the novel for storiteling and pin your choice on the same thinglink image HERE (see Rose's example). Partners will use one linoboard HERE for sharing their audio files recorded with vocaroo HERE. No need of registration for using thinglink, vocaro and linoboards tools.
The third: Submit your monthly tasks HERE (in your month section wiki page)
Finaly: When the your storytelling is ready just make a glog as a final product and post it on your personal main wiki page HERE and (or) on twinspace blog or diary.
Also project partners could collaborate on wiki, twitter and Facebook, using their blogs and forums. Using Skype and Google hangouts as a conference connection is also recommended.
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Monthly project planning of activities on Glogster EDU:

November 2013: Let's know each other (Peacemakers)
December 2013: New year - a new hope (Make a Christmas card)
January 2014: Pen pals on Glogster (Project work)
February 2014: Hope, Love, Faith (Digital storytelling - The Little Prince)
March 2014: Let you show me your way (video about storytelling in the classroom)
April 2014: Create a peace message through the Little prince story ( on a T-shirt;our song together)
May 2014: Connect, create, combine: (a song share)
June: share on Twitter #peace4littleprince
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How This Project Works:

Each partner class choses a chapter (or more than 1) from "The little Prince" novel and do storytelling it. Partners decide on their own how to that, the approaches and methods to use and what activities to chose to complete the task: reading in roles, acting, dancing, drawing etc. Whatany media they will use, they need to set up a glog and embed on it vidos, pictures, links, text in order to present the activities they would do and the final product of their storytelling. The Finnish music teacher will create the music (the tune) of the song and all project partners will make a verse of lyrics in a connection of the project's topic - "The little prince" and the values the students learned from the story . In the end of May all project partners will meet on Google hangout to sing the song together.What will be the role of teachers: they are supporting students providing safe virtual learning environment as Glogster EDU and twinspace, researching and curating for digital web tools, monitoring and supporting the whole process of creating, facilitating all students activities, do the selective sharing of the final products of their students, managing teachers' and students' communication and collaboration successfully .

How to Join:

1. Join the project wiki: and make your own page with your name and country detales

2. Follow CONNECT, CREATE, COMBINE sections of the digital storytelling project on the project wiki

3. Mail or tweet the organizers (mail: ; @sunrise651) to set up a free student glogster account in eTwinner glogster pen pals classroom.

4. Join the facebook group:

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