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August 24, 2021

Health Protocols for the School Year

We are thrilled to have our students back here for the new school year! While much will feel a bit more "normal" than typical years, we need to make sure it's always at the front of our minds that we are still operating school in the midst of a pandemic. We will support masking, hand washing, and other precautions at school, but need parent help in making sure that:

  • Students who are not feeling well are NOT sent to school. I realize that colds and allergies are a reality for many individuals, but those are also symptoms that can be attributed to COVID. If you child is exhibiting any symptom, he/she must be seen by a doctor or tested in order to return to school.
  • If someone else in the home is ill or awaiting test results, please do not send your child to school. Although we can "test to stay" for most close contacts, any close contacts still living in the home will need to quarantine if they are not fully vaccinated.

Questions? Feel free to reach out to Nurse Valarie (greenv@avoca37.org) with specific questions, and be sure call the office if your child will be absent. Thanks for your help!

Lunch at Avoca West -- IMPORTANT!

We are STILL working through the ins and outs of eating lunch this school year, but here's what I can share right now:

  • Most of our students will be able to be seated at least 3 feet apart in our lunchroom. Students will have assigned seats in the lunchroom. This will help in the event that we need to identify close contacts.
  • Our space and seating options do not allow for all of our classes to eat in the lunchroom. Therefore, we will generally have two classes that need to eat in the classroom. Those classes will likely rotate throughout the year, but we also need help with supervision. If you are available to help for a 30-minute lunchtime for your child's classroom, please fill out the form below. I apologize for the last minute plea for parent volunteers, but thank you for considering!
  • We typically have use of a peanut-free table in our lunchroom, but all available tables are being used for students. In order to keep our students safe, NO PEANUT BUTTER or peanuts, please. This is standard practice in most schools, but has not been the case at Avoca West. Our students know that we do not allow sharing of lunches, but this is a precaution this is easy enough to put into place. Thank you for your help!
  • Some classrooms or grade levels will have morning snack this year, depending on the time of the grade level lunch. In cases where classroom teachers are able to safely accommodate snacks, only healthy snacks of fruits and veggies will be permitted. This is also a standard practice in most schools. Your child's teacher will let you know whether snack will take place.
  • All students are eligible for the free lunch program this year. Students will not need to order ahead of time, but there will be no "double lunches" as we were able to accommodate last year.
  • Our food service provider is able to accommodate specific dietary needs. Please fill in the form below if your child has a specific need.

All students will head out for grade level recess after lunch. We are THRILLED to have a chance to burn off some energy and build student social skills as well!

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