Let's CELEBRATE these ladies who have made it to the top!


I am so excited to celebrate all of you lovely ladies and how hard you have worked to get to wear you are in your business! I am so proud of you and can not wait to see what the new year has in store!

Top in Sales

Congratulations to Bekah Walters to for being #1 in sales with $9,489 in just a few short months!!!

Top in Recruiting

Congratulations to 2 ladies who tied!

Robyn Moran and Jessica Stacy for recruiting 3 ladies!

Top in the 2-10-1 Model

Congrats to Bekah Walters and Peggy Cornelious for mapping out their successful business after the 2-10-1 model!!! Way to go ladies!

Top in Consistency

There are 3 ladies who have been consistent in putting in a party every month!

Melissa Geiger

Peggy Cornelious

Bekah Walters

Top Party Average

Way to go Casey Vanderberg for having lots of guest and lots of guest spending money at your parties!!!

Top in Parties

Bekah Walters is a party pro with 22 parties for the year!

Team Stats

As a team we did $89,000 for the year! We held 170 parties and we recruited 20 people!

That is $44,000 more than we did last year. We held 60 parties more than last year and recruited 7 more ladies than we did the previous year! Girls this means there is plenty of growth for you in this company! I am so excited to see where we go :)

Start Swell Earners

Congrats to the ladies who made....

30 Days:

Casey Smith

Bekah Walters

Tara Sandborg

JoAnne Wills

Brandy Blackburn

60 Days:

Peggy Cornelious

Casey Smith

Bekah Walters

90 Days:

Bekah Walters

You did amazing rocking out your business and earning lots of free incentives along the way!

If I missed anyone I am sorry :( I cant check these stats in my back office :(

Goals for next year

  • $100,000 in sales
  • 4 ladies as Sr. Consultants
  • 2 Directors
  • 62 people in the downline :)
  • 200 parties in