Woodland Elementary Newsletter

September 2023


Dear Woodland Families,

Woodland Elementary is ready to welcome your students on Tuesday, September 5th! There are many exciting things happening this year and we are all looking forward to lots of laughter, smiles and many great learning moments along the way.

Staff will be waiting for students being dropped off at the front of school. We will have many staff members waiting to greet them and help them make the transition into the school building, and down to their lockers/classrooms. Adults will not be allowed to escort students into the building.

Thank you to all who stopped by during the BUSY open house to introduce yourselves. I feel honored to be your school principal this year. Please reach out if you have any concerns you would like to discuss.

Please be certain to read about the changes and also upcoming events and activities for the this school year.

Steph Ruegemer

Woodland Elementary Principal

1410 South McKay Ave., Suite 101
Alexandria, MN 56308
320.762.3300 ext. 4130


Parent Drop Off/Pick Up/Changes

Morning: Parent drop off of students will be at the front of the building no earlier than 7:20AM. If students arrive prior to that time, they should walk around the building to join morning recess.

Doors will be locked at 7:50 for the start of the school day.

Afternoon: Parent pickup of students should use the front driveway loop to pick up students. As a reminder, we need to keep traffic flowing and do not need the McKay intersection blocked for incoming or outgoing to the District Office/Community Education areas. A friendly reminder that dismissal is not until 2:20. Please do not start lining up for pickup until 2:05 daily. We will keep the line moving as fast as possible and not create congestion. Thank you for your cooperation.

Changes: Alternative arrangements for transportation on an occasional basis for your student, needs to be called into the office by no later than 12:30 to ensure that the information will get correctly passed to your student. 320-762-3300.

Breakfast/Lunch News

Students are all eligible to receive free breakfast and lunch this year.

Breakfast will be served only between 7:20-7:40, and will be eaten in the cafeteria.

Families who feel they financially qualify, should still complete the application in order to receive other educational and personal benefits and scholarships.

Please follow this link to submit electronically.

You can also complete the application at the Open House.

School Supplies

Woodland Elementary implements a "community model" for school supplies. We have found this model provides equitable access for all students, confidence and cost savings for families.

We will provide school supplies to all students. The only items you need to pick up include a backpack, tennis shoes, a box of tissues and a pencil box or bag. To help offset our cost for all of the other items, a suggested donation of $25.00 per student can be dropped off in the Woodland School office, or mailed to the school. THANK YOU for your support!

Woodland Elementary School

PO Box 308

Alexandria, MN 56308


If you are experiencing issues with ParentVue, please contact Technology for assistance. Please email: tsupport@alexschools.org. Please make sure you include your contact information, as well as your students name.

All parents need to have access, as all conferences will be scheduled using this application.


As Superintendent Sansted indicated, bus routs may be longer this year due to the amount of drivers we have. If you are interested in driving, please contact our District office for information at: 320-762-2141.

Any other transportation issues should be directed to: 320-762-3317

September Events

School and district activities are starting up which means Friday night lights, Soccer, Volleyball, Tennis and more. As a reminder, elementary students need to be supervised by an adult at all events. We love the support for our Cardinal Nation, and encourage all to attend!


September 10-15 is Homecoming this year. We have multiple activities and events for all students to participate in. The elementary schools will ALL be participating in the same dress up days this year!

Monday: PJ Day

Tuesday: Hat Day

Wednesday: Wacky Day - clothing and/or hair

Thursday: Fun in the Sun Day

Friday: A-Team Pride Day - show your school/district spirit

Many of the teachers and staff will also be joining in the festivities! It's going to be a great week to celebrate Alexandria Public Schools!

Title 1 Meeting

Under the Elementary and Secondary Act (ESEA) there is financial assistance to school districts with high numbers or percentages of children from low-income families to ensure that all children meet challenging academic standards. Alexandria Public School (206) accepts Title 1 funds and is required to provide all children with fair, equitable and significant education opportunities in order to obtain a high-quality education and at minimum proficiency on challenging state academic standards and assessments.

As part of the requirement, Alexandria Public School (206) is required to have a Parent Involvement Plan. In addition, schools accepting Title 1 funding must involve parents in the plan. A yearly meeting is scheduled to gather input from parents regarding the Parent Involvement Plan and to review student achievement.

Public and nonpublic school buildings can receive funding under Title 1, part A of ESEA. Schools receive funding as a "whole" or "targeted" school. Funding for the whole schools are available to all children in the building and a school must develop a whole school plan for use of the allocated dollars. Schools that are targeted provide services to students who qualify under district guidelines. Non-public schools receive funding in the allocation of the students resident public schools receiving funding as a per-child allocation.

If you are interested in learning more about our Title schools and services to help your child, please attend the meeting on September 11th at 6:00 pm at the District Office.

Volunteer Opportunities:

Woodland will be have multiple opportunities for all parents, guardians and grandparents to be involved! All adult support and presence is welcomed. We know your time is valuable so simply select the events you are interested in. We will call you when the event gets closer with details and you can tell us what works for you.

There are two ways to let us know how you would like to be involved:

  • Complete the online Google form with volunteer opportunities here
  • Call the Woodland office at 320-762-3300 and we will take your information over the phone

We welcome ideas for student and family events! If you have ideas or questions, please contact Steph Ruegemer, building principal, by calling the Woodland office or email sruegemer@alexschools.org


  • Back to School Tuesday, September 5
  • Woodland Picture Day Thursday, September 21
  • 2-hour Late Start Wednesday, September 27
  • Woodland Fun Run Fundraiser Kickoff Wednesday, September 27
  • Woodland Fun Run Event Friday, October 6
  • Vision/Hearing Clinic Tuesday, October 17

Elementary Student Handbook

Please refer to our online Elementary Student Handbook for information regarding our school proceedures and expections.