Kingston , Jamaica

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Kingston meals

Kingston is full of popular meals there is normal american food that you can buy in there super market. And for lunch rice with vegetables are a place in Jamaica's table. How about some sea food like Ackee and Sal'fish these are some of the sea males in there menu.

Kingston's culture/history and arts

Some of Kingston's earlyes people were belive that were indians that live in caves and belive to live about 500 B.C. The Europeans were the fist to colonized Jamaica only because one thing that was gold. One of the famous bucaneers live in Jamaica that was Henry Morgan how help to make the Jamaican Synonymous. And some art from Jamaica really looks like African a lot and some people say that there the same.

Kingston's tourism/activities and entertainment

Jamaica's climate is natural tropical because many people go for a swim. The most famous activity is going to the beach and they have hotels,luxurs resorts berry close by. Port Antonio was a vacation home to a actor Errol Flynn,and is home of the capital. And a trip back to Kingston you can see cool places like Port Antonio, John Crown Mountains and they have villages for tourism can enjoy.

Kingston landmarks/historical sights

In the pirates hall of fame you can see pirates and there stuff that they use. Marcus Mosih Garvery founded the universal Negro Improvement Assoction. Six men and only one women were honor in there country,and thats the highest honor in there country.
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Kingston's language

Jamaica's are educated in standard english even there newspaper are in educated english. And young people growing up in Jamaica use Jamaica creole at home, caribbean english in school and at work, so don't worry for the english language.

Kingston's climate/weather

Kingston has tropical climate speifically a tropical wet-and dry climate. In Kingston had experienced temperatures as high as 36C (97F) and as low as 14C (57.4F). Between 1895 and 1990, the total average rainfall was recorded in March at 22.7mm (0.89in).

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