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Lakeview Family Newsletter ~ October 21

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Last Chance to Order!

We have Lakeview spirit wear for sale. We have not sold any Lakeview spirit wear since before Covid, so we know there is a big demand for new Lakeview-themed clothing. Here is the link to the online store to place your order. The deadline is October 23 (THIS Sunday) at midnight, so be sure to order right away. The link is also at the top of the Lakeview website. This order also supports our Lakeview PTO, so ordering spirit wear benefits your child's closet AND Lakeview!

PTO Newsletter

Our Lakeview PTO has created a newsletter for our families. Please click the link below it to read about:

• Family events (including the Halloween Dance on Oct 27)

• Current fundraisers

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About Halloween and School ...

Although we may do Fall and Halloween-themed activities in school, students and teachers do not wear costumes in our elementary schools in South Milwaukee. Please do not send your child to school in a costume (we're talking specifically about masks, princess costumes, and similar items). We encourage you to keep the candy at home and not send candy or treats to school for Halloween, either. We definitely have fun, but like to keep our focus on learning.

Glitter Gel Smens & Smencils Sales

The Lakeview PTO will be having a Smens and Smencils sale on Thursday, October 27 on the west playground from 8:10-8:25 a.m. This will be our last outdoor sales due to colder weather ahead. They will be sold at some of the other PTO events.

We have NEW GLITTER GEL SMENS for sale!!! The glitter gel Smens are available in the following 4 different scents: watermelon, cotton candy, cupcake, and bubble gum. Smens are $2 each and Smencils are $1 each.

Pictures from This Week

Golden Lions this week

Here are the Lakeview Golden Lions for this week. We had 25 examples of being safe, respectful, and engaged!

• Jacob did a great job of being focused during math. When his partner took a break, he stayed focused and finished his work on his own! Awesome job, Jacob!

• Brielle is always safe with her body and tools in Art class. She remembers to sit safely and put her tools safely into the bucket. Keep setting a positive example, Brielle!

• Silas always follows instructions in Art class. During silent Art time, Silas kept a 0 voice level and stayed engaged in his artwork at his table seat. Keep it up, Silas!

• Laila followed directions and went above and beyond in Art class today. She worked at a Level 0 during silent Art time. At the end of class, Laila helped another table clean up their tools, so the class could line up. Thank you, Laila!

• On Monday, I walked into Mrs. Nicholson's two different times and I saw the entire class quietly sitting on their carpet spots listening to Mrs. Nicholson and raising their hands to share their ideas! You should ALL be very proud of yourselves!

• Kennedy did a great job staying engaged in our listening lesson even when there were distracting behaviors happening around her. Great job Kennedy!

• Kiyus did a great job staying engaged during our listening lesson even when distracting behaviors were happening around him. Great job Kiyus!

• Kassidy brings her reading bag with her books everyday to our small reading group. Kassidy, you are showing great responsibility!

• Anthony was very focused and engaged during our small reading group! He was excited to read and bring his books home to read to his parents! Anthony, remember to point to each word when you are reading. That will help you learn new words as you grow as a reader!

• Thanks for helping our class get books put away efficiently, safely, and neatly at the end of our last music class Hamish!

• Leland has been doing such a good job being engaged in music class. His eyes are always on the performer, he sings when asked, and takes part in answering questions! Great job Leland!

• Josey noticed when a classmate was feeling frustrated and needed some help. She graciously stepped in and helped the student. Thank you for being a good classmate Josey!

• Aksana noticed when a classmate was feeling frustrated and needed some help. She graciously stepped in and helped the student. Thank you for being a good classmate Aksana!

• Daisy and her partner were kind and invited another classmate to work with them . Thank you for including others.

• Shemar and her partner were kind and invited another classmate to work with them. Thank you for including others.

• When someone in our class was left without their math partner in the middle of playing a game, Owen went over and told that person to come and join his partnership to play the game for today. Thanks for acting fast and inviting that person to join you!

• Today during Independent Reading time, Porter was sitting on the carpet very focused and reading his books! Keep up the good work, Porter! That's how your reading skills will grow and grow!

• Deruntae was compassionate and demonstrated strong leadership skills during recess. He reported an unsafe incident that he witnessed and assisted several younger students to the nurses office for help. Thank you, Deruntae!

• Melanie is working very hard to be a good listener and follow directions. She accepts help from others to make her written work even better and checks with me when she has questions. Keep up the great job Melanie!

• Kaeden tries very hard to use the math strategies that we are practicing right now. He tries a new strategy and if he makes a mistake, he works with me to understand how to fix it. That means he is making his brain grow by learning something new! Great job Kaeden!

• Deondre saw that one of his classmates really wanted a certain swing and when it was his turn to swing on it he gave it up so the other child was happy. This just made his day. Thank you so much for being incredibly kind. I love the amount of compassion. Great Job!
• We were sharing our math strategies with the class using the doc camera. Liam was called to go next, but another student really wanted to go up and share. Liam told that student that they could go before him. Thanks for being so generous and kind Liam!

• Jackson noticed another student was upset so he went up to ask him what was wrong. He guided him to calm down and rubbed his back to help him calm down. Thanks for being there and for taking the time to help your classmate, Jackson!

• There was a student who got to a complicated level in ST Math. Alexa stopped what she was doing and took the time to work with him and show him how to do it. Thanks for helping your classmate, Alexa!

• Enrique is an amazing leader in our class line! He is safe and respectful when he keeps his hands to himself. He is engaged because his voice is at level zero, he keeps up in line and helps show everyone the right way to walk in line! Great work!

Roar Awards for Teachers

Do you appreciate a staff member at Lakeview? Show them you care by submitting their name for a ROAR Award (the grown-up version of our Golden Lions for students). Here is the link to submit - you can submit as many as you want, every week! The staff member will get a certificate and his/her name will be entered in a monthly drawing for a gift card to the place of their choice. Our staff really appreciates the nice notes. ROAR Awards are sponsored by the Lakeview PTO.