kitchen safety

by Alex and Dalton

Kitchen Safety & Sanitation

kitchen safety basics. clean up spills as soon as they happen, don't cross contaminate, keep area clean, cook thoroughly, keep food cold when needed.

First Aid

choking: preform himlick

cuts: cover up and bandadge if possible

burns:cover up and ice quickly

poisoning: call poison control

food bourne illness

contamination put into the body through food. cross contamination is mixing or cutting two different types of foods on or in the same bowl or cutting board. cook thoroughly germs contaminate food between 40 and 140 degrees
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personal hygiene

wash hands wear clean clothes pull long hair back

food preporation and storage

thoroughly defrost food in cool water or in the microwave. poultry needs to be at 165 while beef pork and steak only need to be at 145