Kit's Wilderness

Almond, David

Emily Wolfe



Kit's Wilderness

Almond, David

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Allie is smart, brave teenager. She has lived in Stoneygate for many years. She has always dreamed of being an actress. Kit trusts her very much.


Kit is 13 years old, and just moved to Stoneygate. He meets John Askew, and Allie Cramer. Kit is smart, brave, and very good at writing.

John Askew

John is a dark boy, who believes in the spirits of the dead. Kit seems to get closer to him, but there were times when threats were told both ways. By the end of the story John turned from a bad juvenile, to a smart "new" kid.

Kit's Grandpa

Kit's grandpa has been one of the first people to live in Stoneygate. At the beginning of the story he is full of energy, but as the story goes on he becomes very ill. He stares blankly trying to remember stuff often.


My story takes place in Stoneygate, England. There are many empty coal mines, and woods, and it is a fairly small town, where kids can roam by themselves. The story begins in fall, then progresses to winter.


Kit and his family moved to Stoneygate after his grandma dies. One day a boy named John Askew came up to him. John told him that they were alike in many ways he can't explain. John gave him a paper, and left, leaving Kit very confused. When Kit got home he opened the paper, and it was an amazing drawing of him in dark charcoal. The next day on his way to school, he met a girl named Allie. Allie knew Kit's grandma, and wanted to say sorry for what happened. The main reason Allie came to him though is because, she wanted to tell him to stay away from John, because he's bad news. Later while Kit was on a walk thinking about what Allie said, John came up to him. John asked Kit if he wanted to play The Game of Death. Kit did not know what to say, so he casually walked away. Later while he was at his house he began feeling drawn to play the game. He slipped out of his house and went to play. When he got to the hut, John introduced him. When they started the game you have to pass around the water and cigarette. When it came to you, you drink the water,and smoke the cigarette. John spun the knife, and it landed on Kit. He went up to John. John murmered some words, then said 'This is death Kit.". Everything went black then. When he finally woke up, nobody was in the hut. He became nervous and went outside. When he opened the door big eyes stared at him. When everybody had left, Kit and Allie made their way home. Kit began to notice that he could see little children in the corner of his eyes. Kit began to play the game more and more. One day after school he went to play. That day the knife landed on him again, and everything went black again. Then all of a sudden he felt someone shaking him, it was his teacher. Soon the hut was burnt down, and John went missing. When John came back, he got Kit and brought him to an abandoned mine. They began talking, and became very close. Allie had come and rescued them, and John changed into a nice person. That Christmas it's grandpa died.

Printz Award

The Printz Award is named after Michael L. Printz. Mike was a school librarian, marketing consultant, and a member of the YALSA. He was born and raised in Topeka, Kansas. Each year there is an announcement made at the ALA midwinter meeting. It honors one Printz award book, and up to four honor books. To get a Printz award you must have a book that is written for teens and young adults.


  • 2014-Midwinter Blood (Sedgwick,Marcus)
  • 2013-In Darkness (Lake, Nick)
  • 2012-Where Things Come Back (Whaley, John)
  • 2011-Ship Breaker (Bacigalupi, Paolo)
  • 2010-Going Bovine (Bray, Libba)
  • 2009-Jellice Road (Marchetta, Melina)

David Almond

David was born in Newcastle. He had four sisters, and one brother. Their family moved a lot, but stayed in or near Felling. He loved to visit his local library often, and always dreamed of seeing his book on those shelves. He had always loved writing, even in primary school in Felling and Sunderland. He went to grammar school in Heeburn, which he disliked very much. Once he graduated he went to The University of East Anglia. While he was there he took a degree in English and American Literature. He later trained to be a teacher, he had thought it would be an easy job, but turned out to be very exhausting. He worked five years at the primary school in Gateshead. While he was there he wrote many short stories for magazines. He later moved to Norfolk, where he wrote his first descent story. He also took on his finale teaching job there,teaching children with learning difficulties. He later retired, and wrote many children books. His first novel for young adults was Skellig which was published in 1998. Later in 2001 he received his Printz Award for Kit's Wilderness. He now lives in Northumberland with his family.

My Thoughts

I liked Kit's Wilderness very much, I found that it was always exciting. It kept me wanting more, and hanging on the edge after every chapter. It was also a very irregular, and mysterious book, and something you wouldn't expect. I personally think this is an award winning book because, it uses good literature, and it's so out there nobody else could possibly think of something like it. To me I think it fit's the criteria because, it uses very good literature, and it was obvious to me that it wasn't for children, but for young adults. This is a wonderful book, that will be leaving you wondering why, for a good reason. I truly think this would be an amazing book for everyone to read.