Depression Awareness

Warning signs and prevention

3 signs that warn you of depression

>Daytime Sleepiness: Usually tired throughout the day

>Aggressive/Destructive Behavior: Gets angry easily, breaks pencils throughout the day

>Isolation: Stays away from the crowd, doesn't talk to anyone

3 signs that warn you of suicide

> Thoughts of Death: Usually talks about death or is thinking of it

> Death Themes in Work: classwork and artwork usually have darkness or tragedy in them

> Change in Personality: Their personality will change to something a little different or entirely different

3 signs of self-injury

> Secretive Behavior: Spending unusual amounts of time in the bathroom/ isolated areas

> Consistent, inappropriate use of clothing to cover up scars: Sweaters, jackets, long sleeves

> Substance Abuse: Use of drugs and alcohol

3 resources to help those in need

> National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

> Guidance Counselor/Therapist

> Family and Friends

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The Road Back Dramatic Film on Teen Anxiety/Depression (Low-res)