Mayor Haulani Kahuna

(How-LAH-nee) (KA-HOO-NAH)

About Haulani Kahuna

Haulani was born and raised in Adeo, and always wanted to live in Neo. Ever since he was little Haulani knew he wanted to be in the government system. In his school years he was a great student and was very well rounded. Haulani and his family are very close to their heritage and traditions, they get together often and celebrate holidays.

What makes Haulani Kahuna a good leader?

Haulani makes a good leader because he is honest. He is polite, nice, funny ( but is still serious about his job.) and good with political things and laws. Haulani does well with telling people what to do and how to do things. Haulani is good at being in control and not going crazy with it. He also makes it fair for evryone. Because of Haulani Neo Metropolis is an enjoyable place to live.

How did he get put into power and how long will he stay in office?

Our system is a Democracy, so he was chosen into office by the voting of the citizens. He won the majority of the votes and was put in office for 4 years. After the next election he may serve 4 more years if he wins the voting again.