The Mantis Shrimp

Did you know, that the mantis shrimp is one of the most dangerous things in the world? The Mantis Shrimp is a dangerous predator to many fish and other sea creatures. You learn about how and what they attack, where they live and what's on there body and in their body.

Attacking and fighting.

These beautiful marine animals that belong to the stomatopods family, are among the most vicious creatures on earth. They are split up into two categories, the Spearers and Smashers. The Spearers attack their prey by impaling them. The smashers smash their pray to get to the soft inside. The Spearers hide in there dens and ambush their prey as they swim by. They are willing to attack things many times there own size like fish to octopuses, and some times even people. They fight crabs smartly, first it will knock off its claws and then rips off its legs and then eats the crab. Mantis Shrimp are one of the fiercest animals along with the lion and sharks. The Mantis Shrimp is the fastest predatory attacker on the planet.

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Homes and habitats.

Many kinds of Mantis Shrimp can be found in shallow tropical water. The Mantis Shrimp likes to live on shelly or sandy bottoms. Smashers fight over holes to live in instead of making a new one. Despite their fierce lifestyle a male and a female will make a relationship and will live up to 30 to 40 years together. There are 400 species of mantis shrimp worldwide.
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Body and appendages.

They range in size from one inch to one foot. The shrimp can molt and make new clubs or spears that are worn out. It is multicolored with shades of bright green, orange, red, and blue on its shell, and its forearms are covered in spots. One strike is 50 times faster than the blink of a human eye! Most animals have only 2 to 3 receptors. When the mantis shrimp have up to 8 receptors. That makes so the shrimp can see more colors than us. So then they can see numerous shades of ultraviolet spectrum's.
Clearly the Mantis Shrimp is one of the most dangerous animals in the world because they are the fastest predatory attacker on the planet. After learning about one of these, you better hope you don't meet those monsters!