March 21-Get Whitt It!

Notes from Patricia & Patty

Kinder Round Up is just around the corner on 4/11/2019. Teachers, if you have a student to enroll for KG please see me asap to get the paperwork completed so your evening is a little less stressful ....

Grade Books open for PR4A on Friday March 29, 2019. Please have grades in by 5:00 p.m. Friday April 5, 2019.

April 12, 2019 is the end of our 5th 6 Weeks, EOY here we come!

Coming next year...birthday book cart!

Next year, every Wolf, big or small, will get to chose a book from the brand new birthday cart! Teachers can choose one for their classroom library. Students will get to choose one for their very own reading library at home.

If you have any birthday book recommendations, please let me know, I'll be ordering ALL THE BOOKS this month so it will be stocked and READY when we come back in August!

Counselor's Corner

Thank you for celebrating our day of happiness! I sure hope you experienced a dose! Our Ripples of Hope day is coming up (April 3), and I can't wait to share some joy and celebration with you. As usual, we'll be writing our "Ripple of Hope" cards, but if you want to vamp up your Ripples of Hope day, consider the following activities:

Watch a little video:

3-4 fill out this little expository writing form (yay for critical writing):

Don't be alarmed...

We had several (several!) accidental alarm notifications over spring break. While I commend you for working when you didn't need too, :) we wanted to show you a quick reminder of how to get into the school during off times. Our ever so talented Counselor Bee made this video for your viewing pleasure.

Please watch!

Shout outs!

  • Mrs. Shahan found a sub when Shanda was in need and got it all confirmed and handled! Thanks, PS!
  • Kinder came a'running when we needed last minute decor support for the PTA luncheon!
  • Denise was AMAZINGLY flexible in helping us use the library for our luncheon! the gym is just so...cavernous!
  • Angela Clark...from sunshine to snackie snacks! You even remembered to help us recognize Maria after her surgery...THANK YOU!

Calendar Comings


21 PTA General Meeting, Kinder program

22 Student Celebrations

25 school board meeting

26 SAGE Care Workshop; AT out ESC

27 Spring Pictures

27 PLC and Team Lead Meeting @ 2:45

28 MP out ESC



5 Wolf Howl

8 EOY MAP Begins for 3rd and 4th

9 STAAR Writing

11 Kinder Roundup 4-7pm

16 Tiffany Leech's Baby Shower! 3pm

16 PTA General Meeting; First Grade Program

17 Team Lead Meeting 2:45; Day of Gratitude

18 Kinder Field Trip

19 No School!

22 No School!

23 AT out morning ESC; MP out afternoon ESC

25 MP out AP Meeting

26 GT Assessments end; Leadership Retreat