BPS Ebook Collection K-6

via Follett Shelf

To access Follett Shelf you must log-in...

Username: District username (usually your last name and first initial)

Password: Your lunch number

For more directions click here.

Additional information

  • Books may be read online or checked out online using devices with a web browser
  • All books may be downloaded (Brytewave k-12 edition) app must be installed)
  • Brytewave app will work on iPads, iPhones, & Android phones & tablets 3.0 and above
  • Books are checked in automatically on the due date
  • Books can’t be renewed, but can be checked out again
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Video Directions for Follett Shelf


Go to http://bentonvillek12.org

Click on "Departments," "Library Media Services," and select the "Follett Shelf Documentation" link on the right side of the page.