Gregor Mendel

Founder Of Physics

Gregor Mendel Description

He wanted to find out about hybrid apples so he decided to test it out on pea plants.

Early Years

Gregor Mendel had some struggles in his life. His family was poor and he also had to pay for going to go to school. When he got older he couldn't find a job as a teacher. Gregor Mendel also had some successes in his life. He got scholarships to colleges and got his degree in college.

Expertmental Design

Mendel wanted to create hybrid apple trees so he tried it on pea plants. So he used pea plants to give an example to explain hybrid apple trees. The pea plants were easy to grow but not easy to prove


Specific Data

  1. The colors of the peas

  2. Green side was three times the yellow side

  3. The characteristics

Explain what this data means: The cololr of the peas and the characteristics


Scientists Reactions were happy so they copied it and got the same information as him.


He gave scientist the idea to follow in his footsteps



Definition:most important, powerful, or influential. Over power gene

Example: My dad had the dominant hair gene.


Definition: gets covered up by a dominant trait or gene.

Example: My mom's blonde hair got recessive by my dad's brown hair


Definition: Gene that is neither dominant or recessive

Example: My dad's blue eyes was a CoDominant