Animals In Zoos?

By Avianna Hafford & Bella Ash

What Is The Issue

Animals should NOT be kept in zoos, animals should have freedom just as we do.

Our thoughts about the issue.

Cages are too small for some animals. Wall papers can confuse and stress animals. Natural need nearly meet.

pros and cons.

Pros: I learned from "You cant just chuck animals out into the wild and expect them to live on there own" Yes that's true although Animals were meant to be in the wild. "Zoos are safe places for animals and the zoo people take good care of them" I guess that's sometimes true. Cons: " Zoos deprive animals of there normal animal rights" That's completely true and some animals are dying because of it. Again zoos aren't places where animals feel comfortable and natural. "Animals in zoos are being crowded in small places with other animals." I think its sad cause they could be claustrophobic.