Mr. Posick's Friday email

November 15, 2013

Quite a week!

This week was quite a week for our students and staff. We have had a book fair, a food drive, parent/teacher conferences, WKCE testing, and an all school assembly with me on Wednesday morning. The students and staff are doing a great job with the testing sessions and everyone appears to be giving their best effort. I am more proud, though, of the effort of the students and staff when they get back to learning in their classrooms. We have one more week of WKCE testing left and I will be completing makeup tests at that time. We should get the results from the WKCE tests some time this Spring.

Next Friday, November 22nd- Is your child leaving early?

There are several events happening on Friday, November 22nd, in which parents may be signing their children out of school before 4:00 pm. These events include but are not limited to the state high school football championship game in Madison and the start of the hunting season. All students leaving school early are required to bring a parent note to the office. This is particularly important for children leaving school with someone other than their own parent. Notes can be delivered to Mrs. Emmerich in advance of November 22nd. Students expecting to leave early without a parent note on file in the office will not be dismissed.

This Wednesday's assembly

Once a month, I have the honor and privilege of meeting with all of the Intermediate School students for 30 minutes in the gym. We talk about a variety of topics (actually I talk and they listen) and this month the theme was "Yourself or Others?". Here is a link to my presentation if you'd like to know what was discussed.

Announcements and Friday emails

I wanted to make you all aware of my webpage which contains links to our daily announcements, Friday emails, Wednesday assemblies, and board presentations.( If you ever wonder what's going on in the Intermediate School, this is a good place to check. If you have any suggestions for additions to my webpage, please let me know.

Weather is a-changing!

With the change in weather, I am concerned that some of our students are not bringing the proper cold weather gear with them for recess. Our 4th and 5th graders have two recesses a day and our 6th, 7th, and 8th graders each have one recess. I know that sometimes it can be an issue having your child wear what you would like them to wear, but we go outside every day, weather permitting, and proper clothing is important. Thanks for your support with this issue.