September 19, 2017

Newsletter #3

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Streaming, Bandwidth and AUPs, Oh MY!

In an effort to conserve bandwidth intended for educational purposes, especially during instructional or testing hours, please consider the following:

  • District technology (devices, wifi, etc.) is provided for staff and students for work and/or instructional purposes.
  • Any streaming that occurs outside of this scope is prohibited by the signing of the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP).

A recent report of our bandwidth usage as a district showed that music and video streaming accounts for 50-60% of our total use on any given school day. This includes Pandora, Spotify, Netflix, YouTube and Apple Music, with Facebook being one of the largest consumers of bandwidth.

During the 2016-2017 school year, the district's average consumption was 300 Megabits per day. Already, during the opening weeks of 2017-2018, our average daily consumption is currently 600 Megabits, doubling the usage of available bandwidth (1000 Megabits) from last year.

Please make an effort to download purchased music at home to your personal devices for your personal consumption. Let's all work together to ensure we are conserving this valuable resource needed to perform our daily tasks, and equip our students with an environment where learning opportunities are reliably accessible.

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Google Expeditions Virtual Reality Field Trips - Classroom sets of 30 (goggles, devices) with guided support - now available for checkout!

Click HERE to access training, materials and check out procedures.
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Kid-Led Design Thinking Playground - Thursday at Grandview!

Meet our amazing 3rd grade learners in the Grandview Media Center from 3:30-5:00, where they will guide you through a design process LAUNCH cycle to build and code your own Morse Code machine using the Lego We-dos and coding platform on Chromebooks.

Register HERE to attend Thursday.