Brok The Brachiosaurus

By Emily Hocknell

About Him

Brok the Brachiosaurus had a wonderful life. He was a loveable humble dinosaur. His favorite place to settle in was the prairies surrounded by many plants such as ferns and other flowers. He was a herbivore and loved by all who were below him, (literally) he was 82 feet tall. Because of his of his height he gained some weight about 104,000 pounds but he was light compared to other brachiosauruses.

Daily Life

Many of his pals called him the “giraffe like dinosaur” he hated the name but always went along with it. He had such a great sense of humor I sometimes think he was a little bit crazy considering that when his neck was extended to its full height he could barely pump blood from his heart to his head with does explain a lot about his wacky personality. He would always travel in herds. His best friend in the herd was another brachiosaurus named Marty and if only he was here today he could say some words but after the asteroid struck, all life in the Jurassic era was destroyed.

His Abilities

Brok was a fine member of the herd on account that he was very aquatic. His nostrils lay on top of his head allowing him to retrieve food and swim underwater while his head lay above the surface like a snorkel. This was very helpful to the rest of the herd.

His Family And Relatives

He was very confident and was one of the largest dinosaurs in the jurassic era. His relatives are living today but couldn’t come because of southern migrating they are modern birds. His family tree included being part of the sauropod family.

His Hopes

In his life he would love to go to prairies and eat all the plants around him. He hoped to become a full grown brachiosaurus. The advantage of being a full grown brachiosaurus is that you don’t have to fear any other predator such as the Allosaurus (right) or the Torvosaurus because you are so large and they are afraid of you. He did grow full size and hopes all other brachiosauruses will to so they can defend their herd just like he did.


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