Video Games

Nathan creasy


Do you play video games? If your watching you should be playing. Playing video games is a great hobby because it is great for the family,stress relief and it's fun. Video game relieve stress because it takes your mind away from reality and all the bad things that are on your mind it all fades away.

A study from telemedicine says "people who sufferer from mental illness such as stress, depression and anger issues were able to vent and release from gaming. The study further supports my theory. Video games aren't just for stress it's great for uniting the family.

Digital meets culture did a study and were able to say "60% of parents play with their children and it improves the home life. Last of all video games that are competetive or strategic improve brain function.

Competitive games are the most popular of all video game types because it forces people to think about situations. A study from max plunck institution "strategy games increase the amount of grey matter in the brain which improves your vision,memory,problem solving skills and impulse control. Overall video games greatly improve the quality of life so I suggest you go pick up a controller and start gaming.