Engage and Learn October 9, 2015


Ellen Introduces Kids to the Technology of Yesterday

Amazing! Kids are creating and sharing!

Walking the halls of all the schools you can see great things! With fall break sneaking up on us, keep working hard and you hard work will pay off! The kids are thinking for deeper meanings and showing you what they know.

shout outs

Triton 5th grade teachers: Mrs. Hanby, Mrs. Brosman, and Ms. Hostrawser had students write descriptive pieces about fall and then recorded their voices reading them and connected them with QR codes. If you have the chance, do check it out.

Triton 4th grade teachers: Mrs. Shively, Mrs. Painton, Mrs. Mevis had their students read "Letters Home from Yosemite," and challenged the kids to come up with an advertisement that included four facts that would persuade someone to vacation there. It was a combo of main idea and details, persuasive writing, and getting the kids excited that they can visit any national park for free this year. Amazing!

Mrs. Kaster-Stanton for using Educanon and Lucidchart in the classroom.

Mr. Stevens for getting his videos on Google Classroom for students to learn or review material.


Monday: Culver

Tuesday: Triton

Wednesday: Argos

Thursday: Culver

Friday: Triton

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